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  Our Story
Our personal story from our experiences
About Us
 Property Updates The story continues.
In the beginning videos
 The Beginning These videos show the very beginnings of our new project. They were made in 2013.
The bridge and pole henge
Everything to do with solar power.
How much does Solar cost? What do I nned ? What ...
 A few great video's on the topic of solar These video's are not from us but we feel they might be of some intrest to those new to Solar.
Solar Energy As Fast As Possible
 A little about our Off Grid Solar set up Our personal Solar story :
A bit about our Solar setup
  Composting Toilets
Everything you wanted to know about composting toilets.
Our composting toilets / about composting toilets .
 Composting Toilets videos Here are some great videos to watch about compositing toilets
Composting Toilet Videos
  Prepping for SHTF
Prepping for the hard times? Our ideas and other preppers ideas ... You need this info !
Preping for what ?
 The Pantry - Videos - You Tube favourites There is some wonderful videos on Youtube about food storage. These are some of our favourites.
How to Start a Prepper Pantry.
 Surivival - Videos - Youtube favourites There is some wonderful videos on Youtube about survival in shtf scenarios. These are some of our favourites.
What Communications gear to get?
  The Pantry & Cooking
Everything you need to know about stocking your pantry.
Meal Planning And Shopping
 Dehydrating food Dehydrating food is a great way to store food.
Why dehydrate food?
 Fermenting Food Fermentation of food is a wonderful way to preserve some of the surplus from your garden harvest. It is also an amazingly healthy way to eat and drink delicious food.
 Stocking the Pantry What foods and other goods you need to have on hand when you are living off the grid and wanting to stock the pantry especially when living sustainably, frugally, simply, and prepping for hard times.
My Pantry gives me a feeling of richness.
 Cooking off the Grid Here are some of my favourite recipes that I use all the time
Cooking with Citrus Leaves
 Oils and Vinegars Flavoured oils and vinegars are easy to make.
Make your own Fruit Vinegar
  In the Garden
Tips and hints for working in the garden
Off the Grid in Oz and growing food in hydroponic ...
 Hydroponic Gardening Our hydroponic garden. How we do it. Articles coming soon
Yeah its up and running
  Health and Fitness
Our thoughts on health and fitness.
A brief look at what Kerri and Steve think about ...
 Yoga Videos Yoga for body mind and spirit
Revolution - 31 days of Yoga part one.
 Natural Health Stay healthy without medical prescriptions!
Off the Grid Wellness Supplements
 What's good to eat Articles about different foods that I have researched for their health benefits and we try to include them in our daily diet.
Gummy Bears The Healthy Way
  Gold Detecting
Tips and hints on gold detecting
Our ideas, Detector and gear .
 About the Central Gold field area As we live smack in the middle of this district , we thought we should give some history about the area . coming soon ..........
About Gold in this area
  Our Philosphies and Lifestyle Choices
Have you ever thought deeply about your lifestyle? Have you made a conscious decision on what your lifestyle is all about, or do you just go through your life in a daze? I believe that most people don't think about their lifestyle enough. Have you ever thought about what is outside the gate? What is the system doing to you?
Off the Grid The Internet? how important is it?
 Lifestyle Videos Here are some great videos that we found on youtube. We hope you enjoy them.
What is Simple Living? Plus a Potential Pitfall ...
 The System outside The Gate Have you ever thought about what is outside the gate? What is the system doing to you?
The system part 1
 Steve's Rants Steve said about these videos: "After many years spent doing this off grid stuff and watching the world fall further into an irreversible dive ... I have moments when frustration does escape from within me.. This is unedited, unstaged .. just straight up how I feel and it came flooding out..." Steve talks (maybe rants a bit) about the harsh realities of life in todays world and why it is a good idea to be self reliant and off the grid. We live off the grid in Central Victoria, Australia and although our world is comparativly safe here, there is still a need for people to think about being self reliant, because you just never know what is around the corner. Prep, prep prep is the plan. Warning the language can be harsh as well as the message.
The Harsh Reality Given Straight up.
 Simple Living These are my articles about how we go about our Simple Living days :)
Organising and Decluttering
  Conserving Power Tips
Being responsible for your electricity generation and storage means consiously thinking about how you use it.
 Water Pumps Another power related issue
Water Pumps
 Power and lighting Do not be left in the dark!
What do you need???
 Appliances Remember to pick your appliances carefully?
  Water, a Priority!
These are the realities about what you do or what you expect when going totally Off Grid for the first time. You have to get your head around WATER!!!!
Off the Grid and Water Tanks
 Water Supply You should think about water very carefully ?
HWS for Off the Grid
  News Articles
These are some news articles that we have found about living off the grid.
When Moving Off the Grid into a self reliant, self sufficient lifestyle, you need to prioritise otherwise you won't make it work as well as you would like it to. You need to not just think about, but actually put in place the infrastructure and utilities that make day to day life, not just survivable but enjoyable when everything is working right.
Our experience in the begining as far as ...
  Building an Off Grid Property and Lifestyle
Building your off the grid property is an exciting journey. Choosing the land, deciding on design and ensuring you buy the best materials are all things to think about. Here are some of our ideas.
Off the Grid and building your dream Backwards ...
 Videos about building an Off Grid property Here are some videos that we felt you may like to look at.
Great videos
 The Effort it takes to Build an Off Grid Lifestyle. These videos are about the effort that is needed to build an off grid property while being self reliant.
People always ask... what does it take to go off ...
Our Youtube Videos  Our Youtube Videos
Please visit our Youtube channel to see all of our videos. There are quite a few of them that you may find interesting and perhaps help you. OfftheGrid in Oz YOUTUBE CHANEL
Our Youtube Videos
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 Last published articles
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Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 17:24 (715 )
Just a few facts and some myths regarding Solar Power

(off grid ) A sample typical setup pictured here below..
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Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 16:00 (507 )
Our personal story : ( the short version lol )

We began our venture into off grid Solar over 7 years ago now. We,when we began,only ran a tiny 640W system !! that’s right ! , less than one kilowatt! and to quickly answer any obvious question regarding how was our...
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Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 15:40 (811 )
Living off the grid for us means taking responsibility for our own s**t, literally.

We have 2 composting toilets and have lived with them since building this property.

Before we decided to go with this system we did lots of research including watching Youtube videos on...
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Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 14:41 (559 )
We moved here in May, 2016. It is now January 2017. We moved into the new house on Christmas eve. The solar power was installed and working really well. Even though we didn’t have any water or gas installed. We still had to fill bottles and bring them in to make a cuppa and we still needed to...
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Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 14:30 (780 )

We have been living “off the grid” for about 9 years now.

Why did we decide to make the change from living in an amazing house on Port Phillip Bay, with everything that goes along with that life style (ie boating, restaurants, electricity, water, telephone,...
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We are very excited to announce that we are now selling Off the Grid Tiny Houses and Tiny House Trailers. For all the information about this, please visit Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses

Kezzeeens Kreations
Introducing Kezzeens Kreations

One of my favorite Off Grid things I like to do is to create my own lotions and potions.

I have been playing around with creating natural lotions and potions for about 40 years. We use them to help keep us healthy, and without the need to buy products which contain a lot of nasty unnatural chemicals.

I have been asked many times why don't I sell my products? Well now I do. :)

My daughter, Neen, a beautiful woman, both inside and out, and now a mother of 4 delightful children herself, is now following in my footsteps. Together we are now offering our natural homemade products for other people to share their benefits.

We are not a large company obviously and all our products are made by hand in our own homes and we use only the best ingredients. We create with organic, raw and natural stuff. We do not mass produce and the products may change as to whatever we have available at any given time. You can ask us to make something special for you if you like.

We are also Doterra Wellness Advocates and not only use their oils to help us in our daily lives, but we include them in our products. If you would like to know how to buy your Doterra Essential Oils at wholesale prices, please talk to us.

We welcome you to our new venture and hope that you find something that you would like to try.

Kerri-Ann and Neen
Visit us here Kezzeens Kreations
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