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Hi and Welcome to Off the Grid in OZ

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Helping Others to Help Themselves!

Our names are Kerri and Steve and we have been living totally Off the Grid in the Central Goldfields area of Central Victoria, Australia for about 9 years. We are about 2 hours from Melbourne and about 45 minutes to both Ballarat and Bendigo.

Our site is all about how we live a simple, self reliant, and self sufficient lifestyle. We hope to share our experiences and knowledge of how we live.

Being off the grid, means not being attached to any services that most people take for granted. We are not attached to the Electricity grid, the water or sewerage grid, and we don't even have a rubbish pick up or mail delivery.

We have solar power; rain water tanks; composting toilets and mobile telephones. We like to grow our own fruit and veges; keep chooks and ducks; and store food. We like to Prepare for hard times and we offer you lots of information about how we do this.

We have built our new property in a very unique way, and not only was it economical but it is environmentally friendly.

You will find that we have many tutorials on how to do stuff. We will also tell you what products we have used and where to get them.

Please feel free to look around and contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hello.

BUT ....
Reading all of our articles based on our own experience, may just help you. So whack the reading glasses on and read if you want OR NEED any of our near 9 years experience to be of help to you ! :- )

This is our new website after many years with our older smaller one and for that reason much of our content at this time is in the process of being up loaded and set up ...
We also have many YOUTUBE vids , some of our own plus many from other very experienced people that may give you some good ideas as well

Don't forget to join our Facebook Group ... and like our Facebook Page :)

Please take the time to register , there are no strings, no cost, no spamming will come your way either. We would like to say hi to you, that's all :- ) and do make the effort to drop by over time for the new additions which will be many.

Steve & Kerri :- )
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Latest news
Posted by admin on 18-Feb-2018 18:20

Simple living means taking the stress out of your life, getting back to basics and saving money. Meal Planning is one of those skills that needs to be practiced. At first it may seem like a major chore and impossible to get right. As you continue you find...
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Posted by admin on 11-Dec-2017 10:50
Off the Grid and what to grow where you are, is something to think about as far as what grows well in your area and how you perhaps should take advantage of that through the growing season ?

Grow heaps of what grows well in any season and put it to use over the off season :- )...
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Posted by admin on 28-Apr-2017 16:20
Well we finally got the new garden started. We are building our garden within a shade cloth house that surrounds the outside kitchen. Very convenient for not only working in the garden but when you harvest you are already in the kitchen so you can start cooking.
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Posted by admin on 02-Feb-2017 18:43
Making a home off the grid..

Living off the grid doesn't just mean living with solar power it means a whole lot more to most of us who do it. It's a mindset or a philosophy that we aim to achieve in our everyday lives. We off gridders usually have the same sort of idea in our heads...
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Posted by admin on 31-Jan-2017 16:29
Living off the grid means taking control of your own life. We come across a lot of people who think that living off the grid is somehow akin to living in the stone age. There are many people living off the grid and from what I've seen do it really rough with little infrastructure. That is not...
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Posted by admin on 11-Dec-2017 11:00
Off the Grid The Internet? how important is it?
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Posted by admin on 01-May-2017 18:00
It's amazing what a sense of empowerment you can get when you live off the grid.
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Posted by admin on 15-Mar-2017 22:16
Here is our Youtube playlist of our philosophies and other rants. Pretty earthy but enjoy. ... Wh7XJcsNIhbY_bqJJX2T4ki0v

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Posted by admin on 01-Feb-2017 14:17
Who are the eternal planners? The ones that say to you that they have an idea and they are going to implement it once they have the money or the time or whatever other rescource they think is missing. Most of these people never actually live that dream. It is put off and put off and then put...
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Posted by admin on 28-Jan-2017 21:25
People prep for many reasons ?.
Each reason has sets of things that you might need to do, to successfully prep for that particular reason..

As I have said, we tend to prep for our own long term security mostly by trying not to be reliant on the system that we all are surrounded...
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Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses


We are very excited to announce that we are now selling Off the Grid Tiny Houses and Tiny House Trailers. For all the information about this, please visit Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses

Spend the Weekend with Off the Grid in Oz
Come and stay for the weekend at our place.

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We are Off the Grid in Oz and we are offering people the chance to experience the lifestyle.

If you have a yearning to live off the grid, but don't really understand what it is all about, then we can help.

Come and stay in our fully self contained "Little House" that is set up for a couple. It has a double bed, TV, fridge, cooking facilities and a pot belly stove for those chilly nights. It also has its own bathroom with a composting toilet.

We will answer all your questions about life off the grid and you can check it out in person so you can see how it all works.

We will provide all the meals and drinks that are home prepared from healthy ingredients, many of which come direct from our garden and chook shed.

Come and see how we have our solar set up and our water and our gardens. You will love this weekend away.

These weekends are perfect for the couple or single person to get away from the hustle and bustle of the citylife and relax in the Central Victorian Highlands.

If you have a gold detector this is also an opportunity to search out your fortune in the local area as we live in the Golden Triangle of the Central Goldfields.

The cost for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is just $250.00 for a couple and $200.00 for a single.

For further inquiries and to book, please email
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