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 Summary of Our Philosphies and Lifestyle Choices
Summary of Our Philosphies and Lifestyle Choices
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Our Philosphies and Lifestyle Choices  Our Philosphies and Lifestyle Choices
Have you ever thought deeply about your lifestyle? Have you made a conscious decision on what your lifestyle is all about, or do you just go through your life in a daze? I believe that most people don't think about their lifestyle enough. Have you ever thought about what is outside the gate? What is the system doing to you?
Off the Grid The Internet? how important is it?
 Lifestyle Videos Here are some great videos that we found on youtube. We hope you enjoy them.
 The System outside The Gate Have you ever thought about what is outside the gate? What is the system doing to you?
 Steve's Rants Steve said about these videos: "After many years spent doing this off grid stuff and watching the world fall further into an irreversible dive ... I have moments when frustration does escape from within me.. This is unedited, unstaged .. just straight up how I feel and it came flooding out..." Steve talks (maybe rants a bit) about the harsh realities of life in todays world and why it is a good idea to be self reliant and off the grid. We live off the grid in Central Victoria, Australia and although our world is comparativly safe here, there is still a need for people to think about being self reliant, because you just never know what is around the corner. Prep, prep prep is the plan. Warning the language can be harsh as well as the message.
 Simple Living These are my articles about how we go about our Simple Living days :)

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Published by admin on 11-Dec-2017 11:00 (2040 )
Off the Grid The Internet? how important is it?
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Published by admin on 01-May-2017 18:00 (2954 )
It's amazing what a sense of empowerment you can get when you live off the grid.
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Published by admin on 15-Mar-2017 22:16 (2401 )
Here is our Youtube playlist of our philosophies and other rants. Pretty earthy but enjoy. ... Wh7XJcsNIhbY_bqJJX2T4ki0v

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Published by admin on 02-Feb-2017 18:43 (4635 )
Making a home off the grid..

Living off the grid doesn't just mean living with solar power it means a whole lot more to most of us who do it. It's a mindset or a philosophy that we aim to achieve in our everyday lives. We off gridders usually have the same sort of idea in our heads and that is to live a more simple life.

To wake up on a lovely summers morning and listen to the roosters crow and to watch the kangaroos hopping through the bush and birds singing in the trees is such a joy. To use electrical appliances without worrying about an electic bill coming. To walk out to the vege garden and get some lovely stuff to eat for dinner. To have the time to appreciate these things without the push to get yourself ready to jump in the car and drive to a job that you don't want to do is the ultimate goal.

The journey is everything. Living a simple lifestyle on a property that you have created to meet all your needs is an ongoing but very rewarding challenge. Every day there are things to do. But these things are for yourself and your family.

Every chore brings you closer to happiness. This may sound strange, I mean really, how can chores make you happy? Well if a chore is cleaning the house the end result means you have somewhere more pleasant to hang out. If a chore is feeding and watering the chooks then the end result is food. If a chore is emptying the toilet bucket into the compost, then the end result is a better garden. So everytime a chore is completed it brings you closer to happiness.

'Making a home' seems to be an old fashioned idea, but one that is well worth revisiting. Making a home, really means reverting back to thinking more simply. People these days are coerced into thinking that they need everything that is advertised on television. But really you don't. By living up to everyone elses expectations of what is needed to be a successful home maker, means you are probably running around so much that you don't have time to relax, and more than likely going into debt at the same time.

Living simply as a voluntary choice is so freeing to the mind. Working everday to achieve this can be very rewarding. It is all a matter of mindfulness and enjoying each and every thing you do during the journey. Becoming satisfied, happy and content is the best way to make a home, in my opinion.

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Published by admin on 01-Feb-2017 14:17 (2269 )
Who are the eternal planners? The ones that say to you that they have an idea and they are going to implement it once they have the money or the time or whatever other rescource they think is missing. Most of these people never actually live that dream. It is put off and put off and then put off again for whatever reason.

The only way a dream comes true, is to make it happen.

Lots of people say to me, yes I want your lifestyle. I want to live off the grid, grow my own food and not worry if the water supply people turn off the water. They say they are working towards this outcome by researching or trying to put enough money away so they can buy it.

Okay, so how long do you research before you jump? And realistically how long would it take to save enough money to get the end result?

We only get one life. My advice to people is always the same. You need to live every day of your life and not waste these days with just dreaming. If you are not satisfied with your choice of lifestyle, then change it TODAY. Do anything that fits into your dream, but do it today.

If growing your own food down the track is part of your dream, but you feel you can't do it unless you own acres of land so you can't do anything about it yet. That's the wrong way of achieving your dream. The right way would be to start. Even if its going to the shop and buying a tomatoe plant in a pot. Take the pot home and nurture your tomatoe plant and you will be rewarded by yummy fresh tomatoes eventually. Part of your dream is achieved.

If having a pantry stocked with food to last through hard times is your dream, but you don't feel that you can afford to do this YET. Think again. You can achieve this dream easier than you may imagine. Just start today. Go to the shop and buy some canned vegetables or some rice or some toilet paper and tell yourself that you now have started your preppers pantry, because you have.

That's how a goal is achieved. It starts with the very first step. Each step taken moves you forward. After a while the steps become easier and easier and you get into the rhythm and eventually your dream comes true. You are living the life you want.

Eternal planning is nice but fulfilling your dreams is what makes you happy. So start today.
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Published by admin on 31-Jan-2017 16:29 (1285 )
Living off the grid means taking control of your own life. We come across a lot of people who think that living off the grid is somehow akin to living in the stone age. There are many people living off the grid and from what I've seen do it really rough with little infrastructure. That is not our idea of living off the grid. Nor is it the way so many of us off gridders do it. There are more and more people choosing this type of life style and are doing it with all the modern necessities of life.

We live in a very comfortable house with enough power to do anything we want, within reason. We have internet connected to our computers, mobile phones and tvs. We have electric refrigerators. We have gas hot water systems. We have wood burning stoves and heaters, which is not that unusual!

I know the authorities would rather see everyone connected to the grid so that they can have control of us and make money from us, but we choose to not want to be under anyone's control as far as we can.

So if you are thinking of moving to a lifestyle that is 'freer' in many senses of that word then go off grid. But do it with the realisation that you will get out only what you put in. If you are not willing to understand that or not willing to put the work in, then stay connected to the system.

We do everything for ourselves as far as is possible. We are self reliant. We are responsible for how our life is going to turn out. We plan for the future with the idea that we will have to look after ourselves, so we put the infrastructure in place that will allow us to do that within the means we have. We will not rely on others to supply us with the means to survive.

We harvest our own power, water, heat, and vegetables. We cook food from scratch and we even make our own alcohol.

We love our life. We are moving away from the system as much as is possible and this allows us so much more freedom than is possible for people who live on the grid who are hooked up with electricity, water, sewerage, gas and telephone lines and the bills that create the need to be employed full time with little likelihood of having a life style that is satisfying, rewarding and fun. We take control!

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Published by admin on 22-Jan-2017 12:31 (1255 )
Lifestyle choices

Have you ever thought deeply about your lifestyle? Have you made a conscious decision on what your lifestyle is all about, or do you just go through your life in a daze? I believe that most people don't think about their lifestyle enough.

I come across people who don't seem to make any really good choices in the way they spend their days. They seem to think that there will always be time to put their far off dreams into play. But is that really living your ideal life? Some people tell you about what they are going to do, when they have the money, or when they have the time. They don't ever seem to pull it off though. The plan is always going to happen somewhere in the future.

I believe in living the lifestyle that I want to live today, not tomorrow or next year or when I'm retired. I don't want to wait until the perfect time, which may never happen. I believe in participating in my own survival and therefore participating in my life.

What do I mean when I say participating in my own survival? I mean taking responsibility for my life and that incorporates every aspect, whether it be going out to work, sticking to a budget, doing the household chores, or painting the house, or participating in physical exercise, or creating artwork, or stocking my pantry, or planting veges, or meditating, or travelling, or socialising, or whatever. All these things and more form part of my survival. They meet my financial, environmental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I believe in not begrudging some of the hum drum stuff, or putting off the menial tasks, but living those things when I'm doing them, realising that they form a part of my life. No, I can't say I love doing household cleaning chores, but I do them, so that my environment is pleasant to be in.

My lifestyle was a conscious decision. I wanted to participate in my own survival. I wanted to be less dependent on 'the system'. I wanted to live a simple life without being a slave to the bills and the expectations of others. I wanted to have as little impact on the environment as possible. I wanted to live a life that was more physically demanding. Thankfully, Steve, was in total agreement.

I feel we are on the right road to achieve what we set out to all those years ago. Living off the grid, prepping for hard times, buiding our own projects, growing food, harvesting and conserving water, striving to follow a healthy diet, creating beautiful things and in general just being daily aware that we have just the one life and to be grateful for our health, our resources and the happiness that we achieve in our simple life.

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