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 Summary of Building an Off Grid Property and Lifestyle
Summary of Building an Off Grid Property and Lifestyle
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Building an Off Grid Property and Lifestyle  Building an Off Grid Property and Lifestyle
Building your off the grid property is an exciting journey. Choosing the land, deciding on design and ensuring you buy the best materials are all things to think about. Here are some of our ideas.
Off the Grid and building your dream Backwards ...
 Videos about building an Off Grid property Here are some videos that we felt you may like to look at.
 The Effort it takes to Build an Off Grid Lifestyle. These videos are about the effort that is needed to build an off grid property while being self reliant.

 Articles within Building an Off Grid Property and Lifestyle
Here are the articles within this category.
Published by admin on 08-Apr-2018 12:00 (956 )
Off the Grid and building your dream Backwards perhaps ?

If you are new to this off grid alternative , building yourself life style ? well then this may inspire or help you ?

YES ... It sounds weird ? but this thinking might help you to do and get done what you need or want to do in the long run .. ?
Normally : Most urban builds are done in a set sequence that may be ? just may be you might want to forget and let your mind wander into thinking that confounds everyone around you ?
:- )

You have the patch bought ?... you have the shed lined up? , you have the caravan?... all is good and going to plan ...

But may be at that point you need to stop ... take a very deep breath and think , what will keep me going over the next year or so while I nail everything that needs to be done ?

A 10 min Vid with a message as to how I chose to deal with our latest build here .....

Watch it or not as I say all the time ... its free , its my idea only , but it may help people totally new to this whole idea of building there off grid life style ....

cheers Steve :- )

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Published by admin on 18-Oct-2017 14:10 (1358 )
Having trouble getting a building permit ?
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Published by admin on 26-Feb-2017 19:57 (1101 )
Steve talks about politics in the off the grid lifestyle. Just some thoughts for you to mull around before making the jump to off grid living.

Are you new to off gridding? Here is a video that will give you food for thought.

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Published by admin on 26-Feb-2017 19:52 (1053 )

How much effort and money does it take to go off the grid in Australia? Well in this video Steve from will tell you what it has cost us and at the same time shows you around the homesite to explain what we have achieved in just six months.

The video was cut short because the battery ran out lol. There are 4 videos in this series.

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Published by admin on 16-Feb-2017 12:31 (939 )
Building off grid can mean and entail many different things including , budget? , time frame you have in mind to build? ,where to start ? , materials to be used? , design ideas? and more .

Our advise is to, think long term(10 years) and act short term(quick) and spend to suit that thinking.

I have listed below a few things and the order that I tend to asses these things in before I would consider starting any off grid project .

I understand everything touched on here will depend considerably on how much money you have or are prepared to spend and how quick you want your setup to get done.. So hey , you may have to use your imagination a tad :- )

* Budget ?
Budget is a thing that as with most items on my list, you will need to asses yourself obviously .
You should I feel , work out a couple of things first before setting a budget . Work out what suits your thinking first and foremost.
Do you intend to spend a lump sum initially ? or do you want to spend small amounts as you go ?
If you decide what limit over all that you intend to spend , then you can choose either to spend it all in one hit or over time. Either way , your total spend can then be looked at to sort out what your budget can do and how far you will get.

The beauty of pre thinking the end budget amount first, is that it gives you an idea of what you should do now and how far your decisions perhaps should go financially? ..

An example : If you have decided prior to spend a total of lets say $3000-$5000 on your solar ( DIY) ? then you should choose to not waste time and money on a $500 initial setup to get you going . I would spend that pre set budget as soon as you had it and achieve the level of power that you have chosen ..... One spend , no build up wasted spending on short term answers to needs and then you have ticked off one item, a major one at that, on the head , done ! All the power you have planned to use and or need.

to be continued ......

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