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 Summary of The Effort it takes to Build an Off Grid Lifestyle.
Summary of The Effort it takes to Build an Off Grid Lifestyle.
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The Effort it takes to Build an Off Grid Lifestyle.  The Effort it takes to Build an Off Grid Lifestyle.
These videos are about the effort that is needed to build an off grid property while being self reliant.
People always ask... what does it take to go off ...

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Published by admin on 13-Jul-2018 14:10 (847 )
What does it take ? a rather huge question that IMO there are a million answers to ?

This question is driven by quite a few things , just to mention a few , like personal circumstance ? personal strength , physical and mental , plus a persons capacity to learn many things that may seem mundane , but are quite complicated very often for many people to get a grip on ...

Can anyone go country and go off grid ? Nope !
There are a few basic facts that will determine who can and who cant do this or take this life style on ...

One could write a book on this I am sure , but to cover just a few things , I believe listing a few physical and psychological things that may effect anyone's capacity to do this should be looked at ...

Lets take money first ? If a person has little money and yet a need for all the physical comforts , then they are screwed before they start ... If a person wants to buy land and has little money they are pretty much screwed before they start . If you have the need for income especially your own generated income , then this becomes even harder for many ... If you are being subsidized by an external an payment like a pension or any payment from the system , then this would make like easier .. If not and you have little cash you are screwed or need to address this first some how ..

There is no way of really going off grid on your own property without some money , a small amount or a lot , it can be done but it takes a little money , of this , short term to start and long term to get by , there is no doubt about this ..

Another physical aspect is the work involved to take back ownership over your life living off grid ...

This can be effected by the money thing to a large degree for many .. If you have money? then you can buy your way into this no doubt , but if you only have the cash to perhaps buy a little land and just enough to set up the bare basics , then the effort require to get by will cause many to fail or at the min suffer quite a bit .. The effort required to set up an off grid life , maintain it and just do basics like growing a little food ect on top of any structural work required is immense , and many will under estimate this part of any attempt...

Skills required are another biggie that should not be under estimated by the new .. Again if you have cash to splash , then buying in all these required skills will not be an issue mostly .. But if you have to learn all these skills , you might want to asses your capacity to do just that , learn and them implement these new learned skills ?

Mind set will play a huge roll in anyone's success that attempts this , unless of course they are in the " I can buy my way in and sit back category " ? Mind set will determine if they are able to perhaps suffer a few things? , find the strength to cope with the effort ? and in many cases , go without a few things or allot? if they have little money ? ....

Mind set will come into play with all of the above and many many more things that will effect the individuals in many different ways ... On a psychological level , there are also many things that will come into play that many may think about , but I feel many new to this will not quite understand .. If you are like many off grids and doing the " bug out " from the urban night mare and have some cash and an external regular payment ? and no real need to work ? , then you might find that you will spend quite allot of time on your property and your time spent with others might be greatly reduced ?

This sets some new to this up for the issue of partial isolation ?

Now many new will say , I cant wait to get away from them , I want peace exct ect ... and that's quite normal , BUT too much of a good thing? can quite often be just as bad as just a little of a bad thing.. I feel that heading out on a new journey with , I am gone , off to my remote property can be a good thing , but it might cause a few to find them selves a year into this , to be re thinking that idea of being alone ?....

Isolation is a strange thing , its a bit like ice cream, , it is great in a small bowl , but grab the 4 liter container and knock it all off in one sitting and you may never want ice cream ever again ? I will leave my thought at this for the moment as , it can and would take a whole book to talk each aspect of this question in detail ..

What does it take to go off grid and attempt this life style in all its aspects ? ?

It takes many circumstances , physical and psychological things to fall into line to pull this off ...

Can anyone take this lifestyle on ? well yes , ALL can give it a go for sure , but will all make a success of it ? or hang in there as a long term life style choice that they never leave ? NO ....

cheers Steve ...
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Published by admin on 27-Feb-2017 15:56 (902 )
Here are our youtube videos on how much effort does it take to build an off grid property and lifestyle.

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