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 Summary of Prepping for SHTF
Summary of Prepping for SHTF
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Prepping for SHTF  Prepping for SHTF
Prepping for the hard times? Our ideas and other preppers ideas ... You need this info !
Preping for what ?
 The Pantry - Videos - You Tube favourites There is some wonderful videos on Youtube about food storage. These are some of our favourites.
 Surivival - Videos - Youtube favourites There is some wonderful videos on Youtube about survival in shtf scenarios. These are some of our favourites.

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Published by admin on 28-Jan-2017 21:25 (1396 )
People prep for many reasons ?.
Each reason has sets of things that you might need to do, to successfully prep for that particular reason..

As I have said, we tend to prep for our own long term security mostly by trying not to be reliant on the system that we all are surrounded by and that seems to swallow us all us if we let it ?

Other reasons to prep,not to state the bloody obious :- ) are ---

Financial collapse causing times to become very tough !
Total financial collapse causing society to break down completely!
Global Disaster that disrupts supply .
Global Disaster that causes society to collapse
Political revolution that causes an uprising causing societal instability.
Political revolution that causes enough unrest to disrupt supply.
World War that effects all of society in too many ways to list.

All of these scenarios or reasons to prep and many more, have events and repercussions that will cause all preppers to make a few changes perhaps to there setups or thinking..

We choose to Prep for our own independence , our own long term good , just in case ANYTHING happens , including me not being able to work ! A good pantry and a good Off Grid set up may just make your life allot easier if hard time's fall upon you : - )

to be continued ...

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Published by admin on 28-Jan-2017 20:38 (1570 )
Prepping is one of those topics, like so many written about here by us and many many other people like ourselves all over the world, that would take 15 books, 57 videos and 79 websites to go close to scratching the surface of, to try to cover all the things to do with or attempt to explain in its entirety...

I think that maybe one small line goes as close as any to describing
" Prepping"
To make some effort to prepare for anything in life that may concern you enough to cause you to get prepared for it, in case that situation ever arises ...

When I started to look at the subject of prepping, I was only 22 years old. Already with a nice chunky history of lets say... not quite going with the main stream flow. I originally way back then looked at prepping to break away from just "the system" that not only had I no faith in, but by my early twenties was beginning to dislike to a point where, again let's just say, got me into a little trouble every now and then (probably more often than that) but hey, who was counting :- )

These days, personally, we don't prep for disaster or collapse or the myriad of reasons that many prep for these days .

We tend to prep for the reasons that I explored in my early years ..
To break away as much as possible from being reliant on a system that has no future, IMO is very imbalanced, unfair and as per my early years , I saw it as being unsustainable.

On that note, our prepping in nearly all, if not totally all, in all of its aspects, is steered towards doing and providing for ourselves where and when ever we can.

By following this line of thought and implementing all we do using this thinking, we seem to cover our arse regarding nearly all other reasons given by so many groups for prepping :- )

If you ever choose to join the vast growing family of Preppers around the entire world..
Prepare for self reliance in as many aspects of your life as you can. Your life will be better , you will feel safer and you will I can tell you for certain feel far more fulfilled with your new life.. :- )

and of course as already mentioned, fair far better if anything around you goes to chit !

to be continued ...

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