Having trouble getting a building permit ?
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Published by admin on 18-Oct-2017 14:10
So , you are having trouble getting a building permit ?
...or don't want to bother with one ?
...want to go as far off grid as you can possibly get ?

Well :- ) here is an idea that might give you a new way to look at things ? .... that I almost used myself years back ...
My Idea that I nearly implemented a few years ago on our last property to get around the bloody building laws ...I did go as far as to start one for us but it wound up only a hut with jetty ..lol ( pic below)

So, if you are looking for a way around building off grid on land that they say has no entitlement ....?? bastards !!

Just Buy land , get a permit for a dam , have one dug, build pontoon Tiny House and bingo ... ITS bugger off you prick building inspector and shire chit heads !!! lol

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They have not one law to cover house boats on land in a dam lolol it cracks me up and tickles my fancy :- )
Cost :
Cheaper land with no entitlement :- )
Dam 5-7 grand for a reasonable one .. Pontoon boat around the 20 grand mark obviously depending on how big ?

Obviously it needs a compost toilet and grey water has to be removed for safe disposal ... but a reasonable catch tank like caravans have and a small pump sorts that out ...

On the dam I was going to do ours on years ago , I had the issue of water going up and down through summer , so I was going to just prep some below water level timbers for her to sit on when the water level dropped ... not too hard really :- )

It is absolutely the way to dodge and hog tie the shire .. Seriously they will just look at you cross eyed and they will say you cant but they will say they can not enforce any rules on you , because they have non.
I still would not involve them though .... why bother ? it is not there jurisdiction ....

There are and always have been ways of getting around building laws to a degree .... The base method I use and even Tiny House;s on trailers like the ones we starting to build here on our property , is hey , look at the laws , find out what they cover or what they do not? and reverse engineer your ideas from that ... not hard , just means a bit of research then build :- )

cheers Steve