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Stop bleeding!!!!

diy Styptic Powder

Published by admin on 07-Dec-2018 11:20 (1812 reads)

You don't have to live off the grid to have an accident in the kitchen or out in the paddock or shed. Sometimes you cut yourself and need to stop the bleeding.

A great way to do this is to carry a little bottle of Styptic Powder in your pocket at all times, or at least have it somewhere that you can get to quickly.

I have a little bottle of home made Styptic Powder in my kitchen, in my first aid kit and one in the car. This is easy to make yourself from stuff you probably have in your kitchen cupboard (and if you don't, perhaps you should, lol).

Making styptic powder is simple, inexpensive, and it contains no harmful ingredients. Here's what you can use:
Yarrow: dried
Cayenne Pepper: dried
Stinging Nettle: dried
Comfrey Root or Leaf: dried
Cinnamon Powder: dried
Turmeric Powder: dried
Bentonite clay

Mix equal amounts of the powders together and pop them into a little bottle. That's it!!! Simple..... YEESSSSSS!!!!!!

If you don't have all the ingredients don't stress even using any of those powders on their own, can work, if you are caught out without your little bottle of prepared powder.

To use, apply the styptic powder to a wound and press lightly. The bleeding should stop within a minute or so. If the wound is large or deep, it may take a few tries.

I know what your saying.... oooh the Cayenne or the Nettle is going to sting too much to use, but for a start once nettle is dried it doesn't sting and while it’s true that cayenne pepper may cause some temporary stinging, it can help to desensitize the nerve receptors in a wound temporarily. Cayenne is antibacterial and anti-fungal, so it can really help with wound healing.

Make some today and have it ready for any accidents you have.

Obviously, if you need to visit a doctor if the wound requires stitches or whatever, then you should do that. :)

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