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Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 14:40
We moved here in May, 2016. It is now January 2017. We moved into the new house on Christmas eve. The solar power was installed and working really well. Even though we didn’t have any water or gas installed. We still had to fill bottles and bring them in to make a cuppa and we still needed to cook in the little house. (The little house is the name that stuck for the bungalow). And we still needed to use the bathroom at the little house. But we were in and excited..

We do have everything hooked up now, so we can shower, cook, wash dishes, watch tv and play on the computers. The laundry is now built so I don’t need to go the laundramat to do the washing. We are super comfortable and loving it. There are still loose ends, such as the walk-in wardrobe has not been set up yet; the verandahs are not built and there is no fly screens on the doors. But hey all in good time.

The chooks and the ducks are still at the other house which means I have to toddle up there to feed and water them every day. They have gone off the lay so I am not collecting any eggs. It will be lovely to get their area built so that we can bring them home with us. Every morning I hear the roosters crow, even from here, so that ensures I can’t forget them.

I am sitting here in my new office area in my new house looking out the windows and seeing the bushland that surrounds us and feeling so happy. This was the right move. It is so beautiful and I feel so blessed.