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 Summary of Water Supply
Summary of Water Supply
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Water Supply  Water Supply
You should think about water very carefully ?
HWS for Off the Grid
 Water videos Something to think about Water in general. Videos that we like about water.

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Published by admin on 04-Jun-2017 13:00 (334 )
Hot water Services off the grid can be quite an issue and many opt for cheap camping style units as a first step . Those are ok for what you will pay for them but in the long term if you have limited power available we recommend these Bosch Hydro units as a preferred , reliable way to go ...

Cost to buy can vary a little but around $850 $950 is average..
As with any unit exposed to frost you should insulate all pipe work that may be exposed .

Be sure you have a stable water supply pressure before using these units . They , like many hws units are susceptible to pressure fluctuation and can behave in odd ways if a stable water pressure is not maintained to them .

A constant flow of around the 10 - 16 liters per minute is required for these units to behave normally and efficiently..

No power required , very reliable and long lasting ... come in 10 / 13 / 16 lt per min models .

Resized Image

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Published by admin on 27-Jan-2017 19:20 (368 )
Water is hey, lets face it one of the most, if not THE MOST important things that needs to be thought through and dealt with when buying or looking to buy totally Off the Grid properties...

You need to stop and think about what you will need as far as water goes and that will depend on what you have in mind for achieving, on the Off Grid property you look at, or decide to buy.
This will also depend on where you look or buy as far as the location of your new venture goes .

Without stating the obvious ... if you buy in a high rain fall ares or region, you will not have potentially the same issues as some one that sets up in an arid region and lets face it, Australia has lots of very dry areas.

Most people who live in urban areas are hooked up to the mains supply. They turn on the tap and water comes out. Living off the grid means you have to actually take responsibility for your own catchment, storage and use of this most precious rescource.

Imagine turning on the tap and nothing comes out. You will probably be dead within 3 days unless you can beg borrow or steal some water from somewhere. So you need to take this issue really seriously.

You need to have as much water available on your property as you can manage. Whether it be stored in dams, tanks or pumped from bores or rivers, you need to put into place whatever you can to ensure that you and your family can survive. Australia can be really harsh and you need to respect this.

We need water for drinking, for washing, for cooking, for the animals, for the plants and for fire fighting. We try to catch and store as much water as we can. We also don't waste water, we treat it as the precious recource that it is.

Our Off Grid storage setup:

Total rain water for our domestic use - 46,000 ( when full )
Total Irrigation storage - 26,000 liters ATM ( when full )

This sounds like a lot, but really it is just average up here where we live, in a region that has its arid periods .

A break down of all these goes like this ...
We have a separate 23,000 liter main house domestic supply fed by the main house roof only.
Pic below :
Resized Image

Our little house, (our self contained bungalow) has another 23,000 liter tank fed by the little house roof, but it is hooked up to the main house so that we can transfer water back and forward without a pump ( gravity does all the work :- )
Pic below :
Resized Image

We catch rain water from every building with a roof, as you should too ! Even our little yet well fitted out door laundry roof gets its own little 1000 liter tank, used for irrigation as well ..
Pic below :
Resized Image

At the end of our out door kitchen, we have 2x 1000 liter cube tanks to catch rain water also for use in and around the garden.
Pic below :
Resized Image

We have one main 23,000 liter irrigation tank that is only for the plants , but is hooked up permanently to our fire fighting pump incase we get a bush fire that decides to cruise by our property.
Pic below :
Resized Image

On a side note , but to do with water :- ) this is the pump setup that we have on the main house .

On the left we have1 main low wattage( only 230W) 240volt pump with a low cost basic pressure controller , for domestic supply
On the right ( and yes hard to see ) , one tiny 12 volt only 3 amp centrifugal pump that powers up the water supply to our Evaporative Cooler .
Because it is so low in its amperage and wattage needs,it can run endlessly and not bother the separate main house 12 supply..
( The duty cycle on this pump in continuous ) .
Pic below :
Resized Image
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