Why stockpile food
Category : The Pantry & Cooking
Published by admin on 22-Jan-2017 13:36
The pantry is one of the most important places in our home. We have a large room for long term storage and an every day storage area in the kitchen.

The large pantry holds all our bulk foods such as flour, sugar, rice, canned goods, herbs, oils, etc etc.

It has taken us quite a while to build up a good supply of all the foods we want. I'm not sure when I feel it is enough, because there is always more to add.

We felt it was a good idea to build a stockpile for a number of reasons. Mainly it is an insurance policy for hard times or in cases of emergencies. We have lived through 3 floods since moving to this area, which have left us landlocked and unable to get into any town. Although these events only lasted a few days, just knowing that we had supplies on hand, meant we didn't need to stress about eating.

We feel that having the supplies on hand in case of financial hardtimes over the next few years is essential. We also think of it as part of our retirement planning. We don't expect to be rich in retirement and getting into the habit of keeping the pantry stocked helps settle our minds to some degree.

Apart from the above obvious reasons, it is fun. I enjoy shopping for specials. I love dehydrating food, which takes up so little room. I like to know that if I feel like creating something for a special dish, I will have the ingredients on hand. I also appreciate the pantry when visitors turn up unannounced and need feeding.

So, what is in my pantry?

We have canned foods (vegetables, fruit, soups, fish, meat, meals, etc); flours; sugars; rices; pastas; oils; herbs; jams; sauces; salt; dried vegetables and fruit; cereals; chocolate; etc etc etc.

I will write another article or put a download about what to store and how to do it.