Why dehydrate food?
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Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 19:42
One of the oldest methods used for preserving foods is dehydration. The food that is dried has a long shelf life; requires no preservatives; tastes great; and is nutritious. So why doesn’t everyone dehydrate food? I’m guessing its because most people are just so used to buying their food from the supermarket and don’t give it a thought.

Dehydrated food tastes fantastic because it is a more concentrated.

There are no preservatives or chemical additives because the process requires just the one ingredient, that is the food you’re drying. It’s 100% natural, nutritious and tasty.

Storing the dehydrated food takes up very little space compared to their fresh counterparts. There is no ongoing electricity need to store because you don’t need to store the food in a refrigerator or freezer.

Dehydrating your own foods are a very cost effective method to stocking your pantry. By doing it yourself you will spend less money than buying pre-packaged dry foods. You can buy food that is on sale or in bulk and preserve it for later use. You can replace bought snacks with your own tasty, healthy creations. You can even give them away as unique gifts too.

By drying your own food, you have more control over the quality. You can grow your own vegetables chemical and pesticide free or buy them from trusted sources and you will be confident that you’re feeding your family the best, healthy, tasty food you can.

Dried food is so portable. It weighs so little so can easily carry it wherever you go. It is a great option to take camping or to have yummy snacks in your bag ready for the kids when out and about.

Besides the cost benefits, the health benefits, the storage benefits, and the portability benefits, dehydrating your own food is fun.