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Articles > Health and Fitness > A brief look at what Kerri and Steve think about Health

A brief look at what Kerri and Steve think about Health

Published by admin on 30-Apr-2018 13:30 (434 reads)

What Kerri and myself believe regarding the body and health in general ...

A very good topic this , not only because of the controversial nature of it , but mostly because of the broad scope of the many aspects to do with it, including the results and reasons for all the other socially driven components within it ...

Before I get started though , I would like to make a few points very clear regarding what I have to say about this .
I do not go to doctors , I generally do not get ill so to speak, I do not take Pharmaceuticals ever !

Kerri and myself hold the same views on this and Kerri I helped many years ago to loose the need for Pharmaceuticals as well after many rather poor experiences from them.
I am 63 next birthday and without trying to sound big headed , I do not even look quite as old as I am either ?

I generally think that Doctors and medical people in general are not part of any so called conspiracy .
The Big Pharma Corporations though , I can see and have researched for years many topics to do with them and have found many reasons to doubt there sincerity many many times .

On a more broad note , I would like to say that we , do not have to go far or look too hard in this world to find educated , trained people that seemingly make stupid decisions on our behalf , that they believe deeply will be in our best interests.

Unfortunately , the Medical profession is no different in this regard.

The human body has always been from the beginning, a self monitoring system that has the ability to look after its self, given the right

environment and needs to do its job.
Having said that , no one would argue the need for the medical profession , where it comes to just plain care for many issues and including wounds , ect ect ...

In a very simple rather brief way, which is just about impossible to do BTW? this question of treating the symptoms and addressing the under lying issues secondly has been the way of BIG Phama for ever...

People in the medical professions are trained to do what they do the way they do it, mostly with the best intentions.

People are trained these days to follow our so called educated experts advice ?

People live lifestyles that are detrimental to life its self.

People do not feed the machine ( our bodies) what it needs often enough.

People suffer from a very wide set of immune deficiency issues causing untold amounts of inflammatory responses called many names.

People suffer from vitamin and nutrient deficiency's all over the world these days.

People do all of the above , find that they feel bad or get sick and then shove all manner of so called medicine in top of those things above and cause the rest of whats left of a self regulating machine to take an even harder thrashing and very often do not get better.

People can do some pretty nasty things to there bodies and get away with it , if they take the right path to feeding the machine what it needs to defend its self. You can drink and not die young , for example , you can smoke and not die young .
NOT that I am advocating anyone do those things :- )

The body has always been ready 24x7 since birth to defend against incoming toxins as long as the engine is in fine running order in the first place.

People cut themselves and the body heals it up.

People bruise and batter themselves and the body fixes the injuries.

People break a bone and the body fixes it. (maybe after a doctor re sets it )

People catch a cold or fever and the body then regulates by its self and you get better.

The key word above is " People " we are as I said designed to fix and repair our selves 95% of the time or so.
The other 5% , yes maybe a doctor is needed to help the body do it's thing ...

Myself and Kerri are surrounded by people , family and friends that are permanently sick or run down , that are on permanent medications of all manner and types.
This constantly reminds us both as to why we spend so much time on researching the human body and alternative , smarter health studies .

The bottom line of this very brief summary of what myself and Kerri do ..
We look at the body like a machine with a self regulating and self healing system built in that will take care of us without the help of even more toxic medicines being poured down our throats every day trying to crush a well working machine.

It does not have to be a conspiracy , to be just plain wrong :- )
and as I stated at the top , it does not have to be just stupid people that make stupid decisions or choices ..

Smart people screw things up in all walks of life and the Medical sector is no different...

There is plenty of great info from doctors on the net to back up what I just said in brief..
Here is one Doctor that may be interesting for you to go look at his quite vast Utube list of vids...
Dr John Bergman I have put just 2 of his vids below that are a good starting point if this is new to you ? .

cheers Steve and Kerri

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