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Articles > Composting Toilets > Our composting toilets / about composting toilets .

Our composting toilets / about composting toilets .

Published by admin on 21-Jan-2017 15:40 (820 reads)

Living off the grid for us means taking responsibility for our own s**t, literally.

We have 2 composting toilets and have lived with them since building this property.

Before we decided to go with this system we did lots of research including watching Youtube videos on other people who were using composting toilets. They all seemed to have no problems with them.

I was a bit apprehensive about the idea to start with. I wondered firstly if they would be so smelly that having one in the house would make the house unliveable! Secondly I wondered if I could actually bring myself to deal with the bucket.

Well it turns out that not only if used properly, they do not smell at all and emptying the bucket once a week is not so bad after all.

We have 2 waterless pedestal toilets. These look pretty much like any other 'normal' toilet pedestal.

There is a 'privacy flap' that you need to open when you use the toilet, but it is great because not only can't you see what is inside when its closed, but it keeps the flies out. Our toilets also have a urine diversion so the bucket doesn't fill too quickly and this also stops alot of the odors. There is also a 12 volt fan, so that the toilet vents outside keeping any nasty smells that you might make when you use it ... far far away lolol
The fans are very very low current draw and 12 volt , running off our separate lighting circuit , so they just run with no issue all the time :- )

We use sawdust when we use the toilet instead of water. You can use other things like ashes or even cat litter.

I empty the bins once a week usually and the urine buckets at the same time or when they're full. I tip the full buckets into composting bins and dispose of the urine containers by just soaking them into the ground. My first bin isn't full and it has been used for over 6 months. When it is full we will leave that compost for about a year and then we can use it in the ornamental garden.

Overall as an option, composting toilets are great for the off gridder. There is no water wasted and you get free compost. Can't ask for more really.
As you can see from the pics below, these pedestal toilets that we use ook great!! ( quite normal)

Resized Image

Soft closing seats come std too ....
( remember to put it down after you go boys :- )

Resized Image

With units like these , it hardly seems like off grid living. lol

If you are interested in these pedestal composting toilet units? ( note: "pedestal only") , the ones pictured here that we chose and use :- ) .. value and great quality! ...
Go check them out now by clicking the link/image below..
Tell them we sent you :- )

Resized Image

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