Please take the time to read all of the more often asked questions below regarding our range of Off the Grid in OZ Tiny Houses, our Tiny House Trailers, our DIY Kits and our Buy Build Stay options.
If you then have any specific questions not listed here , feel free to contact us here and we will be more than happy to reply with answers usually within 24 hours.
Please NOTE - Due to a high work load and demand -
We are only doing our Rolling Shells , Tiny house Trailers and some kits these days.
Fully fitted out / finished builds are not available..
# How long does it take to have a trailer built?
It typically takes about 3 to 5 weeks for basic standard designs, but please keep in mind actual delivery times from the date of order will vary due to the build schedule at any given time.
# All 4500kg TH Trailers come std with a 70 mm tow coupling ... please make sure your vehical is set up to tow with a 70mm ball and has electric brakes fitted before you come to pick up  .. 
# Are your trailers registered?.
Yes, our Off the Grid in Oz Trailers are Registered in Victoria.

# Do you have a completed tiny house available for viewing?

We do have current builds that are in different stages, some are finished and are waiting to be picked up and you are welcome to come and have a look at them.
# Why have you only a few basic Designs on your website?
As is the case more often than not, all clients ask for personalised designs to suit there taste and needs.
To this end we offer our basic concept profile designs in a simple form that will be then tailored and modified to suit each individuals requirements.
# Can I come and visit your workshop?
As all of our Tiny Houses are usually custom builds to order, we do not have a display as such of completed Tiny Houses to view. Often we do have one or more Tiny Houses in construction but for health and safety reasons we can't afford to open the workshop up to the public. Visits must remain strictly by appointment only, so that we can ensure the safety of everyone on site.

# Can you custom build a Tiny House for me?

Yes, if you have an idea of what you would like then talk to us.  We are more than ready to meet your requirements.

# What do your ready to fit out FULL Rolling Shells come with ?
  • All Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells are ready to fit out and are externally finished barring anything that you may like to add to the finish.
  • Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells are more than just lock up frames they are ready to fit your own kitchen and bathroom to suit your taste, needing very little else to be finished inside unless you choose to dress walls with your own choice of added feature linings or build your stairs.
  • Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells have colorbond guttering ready with outlets to catch your rain water into a tank that you may need to setup.
  • 240V and 12 V wiring is pre installed to all outlets and positions as per our std set provided , but are not fitted off.  STD / 3 X GPOs / 7X 12 V light positions . Switches to lights are as follows , 1 X bath 1 X Kitchen X 1 loft X I living area .
  • Plumbing pipe work is not included .
  • Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells are already insulated and are colorbond pale blue color, in the interior with some timber trimming and some feature timber wall lining.
  • All windows and the sliding door are included in our Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells.
    • Aluminium Windows based on our Standard designs to a pre-set value 
      1X 1800 X 2100 SLIDING DOOR   1x 1500x900    1x 1500x1200   2 x 600x600 (fly screens are an extra if req)
    • Louver indows and loft windows shown in our profil designs page are not included as standard.
      (Window numbers and sizes can be altered to suit at extra cost)
  • We do not include Laminate flooring or any other floor covering as this will be needed to be fitted after you fit your own kitchen and bathroom.

  • As loft stairs or ladders are a personal thing , we do not include them in rolling shells . They are part of the required DIY needed to complete the internal fitout
  • Our rolling shells are registered as trailers ready to tow.

# Do your Tiny Houses and Trailers come with a warranty?
Yes our Off the Grid in Oz Trailers and Tiny Houses have a 1 year structural warranty
All agreed Warranty claims will be done free of charge but are only done on a back to base basis .
ALL Transport responsibility and cost to be born by the buyer .
All appliances come with the manufacturers warranties.
# Can I purchase Appliances from you?
If we are building and completing your Off the Grid in Oz Tiny house, we will purchase the appliances for installation, but no we are not retailers of seperate appliances. 

# Can I build my own?

Yes, you can.  We offer a Buy, Build, Stay option.  Please visit this link that explain it in more detail.
We have a very comfortable, self contained, Off the Grid cabin that we can rent to you for 4 weeks minimum for $300 per week
(2 persons only prepaid)
We offer you a half a day of free tuition to get you started and more assistance to build your tiny house if required at a very reasonable rate and no , not $70+ PER HOUR !! only $50 PER HOUR (billed weekly in blocks of no less than 2 hours for any assistance required)
Building your Tiny House on wheels, and not staying on site in our Cabin is not allowed .
No more than 2 people can stay or be on site at any time .
We cannot have other friends or any people bought in from clients on site.
# How long does it take to have an Our Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House built?
If you are looking to buy a shell on a trailer, it will typically take about 12 weeks, depending on demand and availability of materials and the trailer build schedule at any given time. 
A completed Our Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House, will take about 4 weeks longer, again depending on availability of appliances and materials. 
Lead times on Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells, Trailers and Tiny Houses will vary depending on the build schedule and the queue at any particular time.
All built times will vary depending on factors that may arrise through the course of any particular build.
# Can I cancel an ordered TH or Trailer ?
We have a no cancellation policy once dep are paid ,materials or gear is paid for by ourselves and our time and efforts are invested in your build and or Trailers are ordered .
Once a TH Trailer is paid for or Deposit is paid and ordered, we have committed to purchase materials and put time into your build so we do not take nor accept cancellations after that point
( except by special arrangement agreed to by both the client and ourselves )   PLEASE NOTE:   Cancellation fees will apply
# Do you also build Tiny Houses that are not on wheels?
Yes, we can build Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells, or finished Tiny Houses, not on wheels.   There is a cost savings, as the trailer is not included.  However, if we build it on our property, it will need to be transported at your cost. 
We can build your Tiny House or Shell, not on wheels, on your property.  Ask us about this.

# Do I need any special permits to drive it on the road?

The Trailer is registered to be towed on the road and doesn't need a special permit. No escort vehicles are required.
# How much do they weigh?

As a usual guide, between 3,500 and 4,500 kilos.  This will depend on size and fitout of the Tiny House.

# Do I need to get shire/council approval of my tiny houses on wheels?

No, councils do not approve Tiny Houses on wheels.  They are usually registered as a caravan, they therefore are treated the same. Please keep in mind that councils and shires across Australia have different by laws that you will need to investigate for your particular circumstances.
# Can you deliver?
Yes we can deliver trailers, Victoria wide for $650.00. 
We can also deliver Rolling Shells or completed Tiny Houses, Victoria wide. Price will vary.
#What is the payment schedule for Trailers and Tiny Houses on Wheels Custom Builds.
  • All Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House Trailers and Tiny Houses are custom built to suit your exact needs if required?.
  • The first thing to do before you order our products is to contact us, so that we can discuss your requirements.
  • We then require a 80% cash or direct bank deposit  before we order/start your Trailer or any building commencing.

  • For Trailers also a 80% deposit is required to place your order.
  • Remaining 20% cash or direct bank depost payment is required prior to pick up or delivery.
  • With custom built Tiny House's, a larger deposit and progress payments may be required during constructionThis will be determined case by case.

    #What is the payment schedule for Tiny House Trailers with DIY Kit.

    • As these packages are all materials, at a great price, we require full payment, before we commence the ordering of the materials.or commence the building of your chosen Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House Trailer.
What is the payment requirements for Build Buy Stay options
  • Building on our site requires you purchase a DIY Kit of your choice, including trailer, plus accommodation costs of minimum 4 weeks.  All paid in full, prior to start of build. There are no refunds available once your building is started , so you best be committed and sure .

  • Once orders are placed and payments are made , due to the material cost outlay by us , we have generally a no refund policy .
    We do our best to deliver within the time frames we mention, but if orders take a little longer for any reason, we do not accept cancellations or give refunds for those reasons. We just deliver your Tiny House as ordered when it is ready.  

 PLEASE NOTE:  Once any purchase deposit has been paid for any Tiny House Trailer , Rolling Shell and or any construction has commenced, deposits are NOT refundable ,  unless by special arrangement that both parties need to agree apon based on our std cancellation terms .
Cancellation fees will apply up to a maximum of 5% of the original purchase/or Dep price or costs ..
ALL refunds will be refunded by arrangement within 30 days of notification ..

##   All TH builds remain the property of Off The Grid in OZ , UNIT final payments are made .
If you have any further questions, then please contact us.