Off the Grid in OZ Tiny Houses  
(  Build it yourself :- )
Off the Grid in OZ Tiny Houses on our great built to order Trailers
Now available as Trailer / DIY materials packages at low prices
( NOTE : these are not pre cut kits ready to assemble - some very basic skill is required )
Affordably Priced Tiny Houses that you can build yourself with our help
Starting from a ready to go DIY shell for around $18,900 for our 6 metre Tiny House DIY package 
Our 8 meter Tri axle ready to go DIY shell around $$22,500
( just add $2000 per linear meter after 8 meters  if you require a larger TH Trailer and load)
( NOTE : All other sizes and designs have to be quoted on prior to any orders )
To give you an idea of what one of these material packages will build , take a look at the 10 min Video below of one of our Rolling Shells, that has a few extras ...
Our Off the Grid Tiny House DIY packages come in a range of Standard Configurations as per our profiles, or can be ordered, tailered to suit your ideas or plans at any level .
EG ( you might like to supply your own choice of windows in or trim them your way ? )
What do you get in a Standard  DIY package from us ?
  • All the panels that you will need to build your Tiny House on Wheels
  • All channels and cappings required for you to fit your panels
  • Sealer cartridges to do the job ( average 12 tubes )
  • Rivits required to fix
  • Hex driver metal thread Tech screws needed to fix.
  • A free set of PDF sheets to assist you with your build .
  • We can also arrange and order all the other gear, colorbond roofing and capping and windows ect you will need to finish your build up to a full ready to fit out Rolling Shell .
All the materials you order for your DIY package will be loaded on your new Tiny House Trailer
for ease of delivery / pick up or shipping 
( Picture for example only  )
/9MT trailer SM 3.JPG
 A full rolling shell DIY package will result in you having built your own Tiny House bare Rolling Shell for around $20,000 that .
/tiny house 2sm.JPG
Things you should know 
  • Materials can be ordered up to any stage of your build that you require, right up to the entire rolling shell build level. Any packages other than our standard DIY ones ( will be quoted on as required )
  • Some basic skills are required , as these are not pre-cut kits as such.
  • Delivery can be arranged in other states, or we do deliver within Victoria .

  • Colours of trims, cappings, roof and gutters all can be chosen from standard color bond charts.

  • All packages come with one of our Standard Tiny House Trailers
Some of the basic Tools you will need
These are the basic tools needed to cut , deal with and fix EPS panel .
Any other tools you have may be of help , but these basic tools will be needed.
  • Ruler / tape measure
  • Fine Marking pen
  • STD Wiss style tin snips L and R
  • Builders square
  • Builders level
  • A good 18V Battery drill ( or power drill )
  • A set of steel drill bits
  • Tech screw hex driver bit / long / for your drill
  • Phillips head driver bits for your drill
  • Battery Jig saw  ( or power Jig saw )
  • 100MM steel or universal blades for your jig saw
  • Saber saw ( optional ) with 100mm-150mm steel or universal blades
  • Hammer
  • Pop riviter
  • A set of good wide head Pliers
  • Caulking gun for sealer
  • At least one pair of LONG STEPS or LADDER ( 3 METERS preferably )
  • A set or 2 of cheap saw horses or trestles .       

Phone or email assistace or advice as far as your design is concerned, if you choose to not use one of our Standard designs and layouts, then the required advice and info is provided at no extra charge .
BUT : If a full floor plan is required by us for you , then a small charge will apply .
General info about our DIY Packages 
1 / 
These DIY Packages are not pre cut kits . They are all the materials you will need to build a bare shell Tiny House .  NOTE - The picture above is a full rolling shell not a bare shell ..
2 /
They come with one of our great Standard Trailers ( of your choice) along with all the materials you will need to build one of our designs or one that you design yourself .
4 /
We are here to assist in any way we can, to help you achieve your goal of owning a great priced , well built Tiny House on Wheels .
5 /
These DIY Kits are NOT fully finished Tiny House's , but bare Rolling shells .
6 /
These DIY builds will take some effort and a few basic tools to build yourself.
7 /
We are here to help and assist , but not here to build these packages for you AS they are DIY .
8 /
As a rule , unless you have some extensive building experience , it is advised that 2 people are required to manouver panels and hold them while being fixed.
9 /
No they do not come standard with solar                  ( can be arranged at extra cost )
No they do not come with floor coverings                  ( can be arranged at extra cost )
No they do not come with fixtures                            ( can be arranged at extra cost )
No they do not come with A/C                                  ( can be arranged at extra cost )
No they do not come with wiring finished off. ( your electrician will be required at some point )
10 / 
These are amazing value at such a low cost of from aprox $20,000 ... so what you get has been listed ,if you are confused , please re-read this page before asking quiestions that have been addressed here already :- )
Payment schedule for TH Trailers with DIY build material packages .
  • As these packages are a great price , we require a full payment before we commence the ordering of the materials required for your particular build including the trailer.

( PLEASE NOTE: DIY packages are only a 4 - 5 week delivery turn around usually )

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