Off the Grid in OZ Tiny Houses
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Affordably Priced Tiny Houses with everything you would expect.
Starting from a ready to go shell under $$25,900. !!  for our 6 meter Tiny House
or a finished Tiny House at only $54,500!! for our 8 meter Tiny House
NOTE : Any prices shown are + GST
Our Off the Grid Tiny Houses come in a range of configurations. We refer to these as our Rolling Shells and our Complete Houses.
  • We believe that you will not find a better value packed Tiny House within the price ranges that we offer.
  • Our Rolling Shells are finished externally and because of the materials used in our Signature Range, are already finished internally with a clean easy to maintain pre-painted lining.
  • These shells are ready to for you to layout your own internal walls if you choose? and then fit your own kitchen and bathroom to your personal taste.

  • Our Complete Houses are finished and ready to move into, to start your Off the Grid in Oz adventure.
As is the case with all Tiny houses, personal taste and choice of layout plus choice of fixtures will cause prices to fluctuate but as a guide, below we have our basic pricing structure for you to see how affordable our Off the Grid in OZ Tiny House are.

  • Off the Grid in OZ Signature Range Rolling Shells
These ready to fit out Rolling Shells start at just $25,900 and go up to $29,900+ GST for our largest at this moment our 8 metre
10 meter are available and we have built a couple , but they are priced on a case by case quote basis .
Tri-axle (4500kg).  Plus any extra options you choose.
Note : ( larger Off the Grid Tiny Homes are available and are built and orderd to spec )
Our rolling shells are fuly finished outside and fully lined with pre painted surfaces through out ready for the DIY-er to just fit a bathroom and kitchen as they see fit to there spec .    Please take the time to watch the 10 min Video which will answer many questions about our Rolling Shells.
What do your ready to fit out Rolling Shells come with ?
  • All Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells are ready to fit out and are externally finished barring anything that you may like to add to the finish.
  • Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells are more than just lock up frames they are ready to fit your own kitchen and bathroom to suit your taste, needing very little else to be finished inside unless you choose to dress walls with your own choice of added feature linings or build your stairs.
  • Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells have colorbond guttering ready with outlets to catch your rain water into a tank that you may need to setup.
  • 240V and 12 V wiring is pre installed to all outlets and positions as per our std set provided , but are not fitted off.  STD / 3 X GPOs / 7X 12 V light positions . Switches to lights are as follows , 1 X bath 1 X Kitchen X 1 loft X I living area .
  • Plumbing pipe work is not included .
  • Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells are already insulated and are colorbond pale blue color, in the interior with some timber trimming and some feature timber wall lining.
  • Windows and the sliding door are included in our Our Off the Grid in Oz Rolling Shells.
  • Aluminium Windows based on our Standard designs to a pre-set value 
    1X 1800 X 2100 SLIDING DOOR   1x 1500x900    1x 1500x1200   2 x 600x600 (fly screens are an extra if req)
  • Louver indows and loft windows shown in our profil designs page are not included as standard.
    (Window numbers and sizes can be altered to suit at extra cost)
  • We do not include Laminate flooring or any other floor covering as this will be needed to be fitted after you fit your own kitchen and bathroom.

  • As loft stairs or ladders are a personal thing , we do not include them in rolling shells . They are part of the required DIY needed to complete the internal fitout
  • Our rolling shells are registered as trailers ready to tow.
  • Or perhaps you are able to DIY your TH Rolling Shell Build ?  
Affordably Priced Tiny HouseRolling Shells that you can build yourself with our help
 ( NOTE : All other sized and designs have to be quoted on prior to and orders )
  •  Off the Grid in OZ Signature Range finished Tiny Houses

    Our finished Tiny Houses are ready to move into from day one and start from a very affordable $44,900 up to $54,500 for our largest 8 metre Tri-axle (4500kg) Plus any extra options you choose.

    Thats right. NOT $65,000 for a bare timber clad shell! OR  $75,000, $85,000 or $95,000 or even more for one finished that you will see most other builders offer!!

  • NOTE:  We can deliver rolling shells and complete Tiny Houses, Victoria wide.  Price? upon request.
  • Our largest 8 metre Tri-axle (4500kg) Off the Grid in OZ Signature Range Tiny Houses with everything included at a very affordable $54,500 Totally FINISHED including the kitchen sink!  :- ) + GST

  • With any of our Roof profiles/shapes.
  • Virtually any floor layout you desire to order.
  • Lovely Kitchen with sink and gas hot plates.
  • A 12v - 240V - 100 Litre refridgerator/freezer.
  • A ripper Wood fired stove/oven/heater can be installed ( extra cost).
  • Bathroom with shower, vanity and very sweet composting toilet.
  • A Gas instaneous hot water service.
  • Including the option of single story or with multiple lofts.
  • 12 Volt solar system for lighting and power.
  • 1 x 200ah Battery
  • 240 Volt wired as well for power.
  • Set up to take 240 Volt grid power or generator via a simple plug in.
  • A fire extinguisher.
  • Colorbond colors on roof, all trims and dress cladding all to suit your taste.
  • You can inquire here

    Do you need Need Finance?  inquire here.
( PLEASE NOTE: we have a 12 - 14 week minimun delivery time dependant on our builds schedule at any time )
NOTE : Any prices shown are + GST
 PLEASE NOTE:  Once any purchase deposit has been paid for any Tiny House Trailer and or any construction has commenced, deposits are NOT refundable ,  unless by special arrangement that both parties need to agree apon.
##   All TH builds remain the property of Off The Grid in OZ , UNIL final payments are made .

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