Off the Grid in OZ Tiny House
Designs and Profiles
Please read carefully before asking the obvious questions :- )
We have a few design ideas and Roof Line Profiles to give you an idea of ways we are able to build your new Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House.  These are to give you clue as to what your Tiny House can look like.
NOTE : These are our mainroof profiles with heights and dimensions. Floor plans are just an example to give you ideas. As all individual preferences will be slightly different from client to client, be rest assured that we can modify all of these design ideas and profiles to suit individual ideas and tastes very easily. Due to our use of inovative materials and building Techniques we have almost no limit to what shape or configuration that we can do to suit any Tiny House buyer.
Roof line Profiles for our  8 Metre Range (also available for our 6 Metre Trailers )
Many more layouts coming very soon
Profiles below are the set of design shapes/configurations that we have at the moment.
(Please Remember, Floor Plans are only ideas for you to consider, and can be modified to suit your taste)
Our Off the Grid in OZ  The Modern Mackenzie
/8mtTiny HouseElevation.jpeg
Our Off the Grid in OZ  The Modern Mackenzie 2
(with Central Kitchen)
/8mt Modern Mackenzie2.jpeg
 Our Off the Grid in OZ The Chalet Leilani
(with 2 lofts)
/8mtTiny House profiles leilani.jpeg
Our Off the Grid in OZ  The Maddison Cottage
(Perfect for the young familly with 3 bedrooms)
/8mtTiny House profiles maddison cottage.jpeg
Our Off the Grid in OZ  The Tiny Tyler
(A bit of a bachelor pad or single person indulgence with plenty of space)
/8mt tylershark.jpeg
 Our Off the Grid in OZ  The lachlan cabin
 (with Central Kitchen)
/8mt lachlan cabin.jpeg 
 Our Off the Grid in OZ  The Hunter Low Rider cabin
 (Not good at towing ? Perfect for low loader transportation)
/8mt Hunter Low Rider cabin.jpeg
 Our Off the Grid in OZ  Rebated Fire Place Addition
/fire place rebated.jpeg
Our Off the Grid in OZ  Forward Loft Extension Addition
/Forward Loft over draw bar extension.jpeg
NOTE :   High level ventilated loft Window options 
  Hand made Timber louver windows picutred are at $490 extra cost each if chosen
Matching Aluminum Sliding at 300 H 900 W at $400 extra as an option
Window and Sliding Door color range
To help you choose your color scheme .
Colorbond roofing / cladding / trims color range.
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