Our Build Buy Stay Offer
Our Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House Trailers come with an option for approved buyers, to come and stay here at the Off The Grid in OZ property, in our Tiny self contained, off grid cabin, while you build your own Tiny House yourself!  We offer all the help and advice that you may like or need.
  • Do you need somewhere to build your Tiny House?????

  • Would you like to have an "Off the Grid in Oz" experience, while you build your own Tiny House?

  • Your Tiny House could cost you a fraction of the price if you build it yourself!

  • We can show you and help you build an 8 metre Tiny House for around $25,000 including one of our great trailers using our High Tech methods .

  • We can arrange building materials to be delivered here to you if needed.
  • We have a very comfortable, self contained, Off the Grid cabin that we can rent to you for 4 weeks minimum for $195.00 per week (prepaid)

  • We offer you a half a day of free tuition to get you started and more assistance to build your tiny house if required at a very reasonable rate and no , not $70 PER HOUR !! only $40 PER HOUR (billed weekly for any assistance required)

  • Steve is an experienced Builder and Licenced Plumber with over 35 years experience, so you will have all his professional help at a rate you will not find any where else and have his advice, on hand. 

  • We also have our own quallified electrician that we use (at a great low rate) available to install and certify any 240V systems you may need set up.

  • We can help you with setting up, or we can just give advice on all issues to do with 12 volt systems.

  • And all build buy stay clients reguardless of trailer design recieve a free forward tool box. !
    That is normally only a feature of our STD trailers ..
  • There are only 3 main conditions:

  1. That you purchase an Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House Trailer.

  2. That accommodation is dependent upon availability.  So you need to book in.

  3. You would need to be friendly :- )  and want to experience and join in with our Off the Grid in Oz life style for the duration of your stay. :)

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