Finance and Insurance
Did you know that there are many Australian companies now offering finance and insurance for Tiny Houses and Trailers?
If you require finance to purchase an Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House all we need to do is ...
  1. Select one of our Tiny Houses, Shells or Trailers
  2. Sign the Sale Agreement which we have made "Subject to Finance"
  3. Take the Sale Agreement to a finance broker and make your application.
 We are not affiliated with these companies but have listed a few that may be able to help you.
 Simon Hogg, Gaia Finance  ....   Phone Simon on (03) 9939 6368 or 0413 927 897
                                             or email simon@gaiafinance.com.au  
 another financier is...
Tiny House Finance              ....   www.tinyhousefinance.com.au
Benjamin and Benjamin Insurance Group .... https:www.benjamin-ig.com.au
CIL                                     ....   www.cilinsurance.com.au
RACV                                  ....   www.racv.com.au

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