Who is Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses?
We are Kerri and Steve.  We are a not so young couple who have been living and thriving off the grid, in Central Victoria since 2008.  Steve is a builder with over 35 years experience and a Licenced Plumber as a bonus :)  And as a talented builder, Steve has built quite a few of our own homes and has renovated and rebuilt many homes for clients using various types of construction materials and methodologies.

Over the years, we have gained knowledge, skills and experience in living entirely off the grid and being independent of the 'system outside the gate'.  We have a Youtube channel and a facebook group where we have been sharing with the virtual community for some time.  

One thing we have noticed, from comments made to us, is there is a need for low cost housing, as people are finding it very difficult to create the lifestyle they crave because of the set up costs that are required.  Some people feel it is impossible to get out of the rent trap and others who have made the leap of purchasing their own land, need an affordable option for their accommodation. Many of these people would like to create their dream home, but lack the skills and resources to implement an entire build, from scratch.  And when going off the grid there are lots more challenges. Some people buy their dream block of land and need somewhere on the property to live while they build their new house. 

Steve and I, are people who like to help where ever we can, and we came up with a plan to create possibilities for people to be able to live in their own permanent or temporary homes without having to dig themselves a deep hole in the mortgage pit.  After much research we found that tiny houses are a great option.  They are affordable for most people and so can meet their needs; they are flexible enough that people can adapt the layouts to suit themselves; and they can be a way for people to be creative. 
They are also a great option to create an income from.  Many people are setting up Tiny Houses on their properties and renting them out either as B&B's or as full time rentals.  The extra income helps the Off Gridder sustain their simple lives.  The beauty with Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses is that they are not only strong and attractive, they are possibly the most affordable tiny houses on offer in Australia.  We have made them without a huge profit margin, so that we can help people achieve their dreams without paying a huge price.

We hope you enjoy your visit on our Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses site.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. :)


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