How we build our Off the Grid in OZ Tiny Houses
Off The Grid in OZ Tiny Houses can be built to any specifications that you require, including your choice of materials and design . We have though, our own signature range that we build to our specifications, using our preferred material and methods learnt by ourselves by using this type of construction materials on many projects before.
Our Signature range is constructed on our quality Tiny House Trailers that are constructed to take any building style or material.
We choose to use in our Signature Range, a very strong, light weight, colorbonded steel, low maintinance construction material called SIP's. (Structural Insulated Panels) A full understanding of this material can be found here . 
We use these SIP's as the "base" for our Signature line of Tiny Houses.  Then we dress, clad and trim these SIPs with a range of traditional materials like timber and/or colorbond steel in different profiles just as you would see used widely in the Tiny House building community today. We finish up with a beautiful, High strength, High Tech, light weight ,well insulated colorbonded pre-painted building.
But, as I said, we can build using any materials or methods you happen to choose.
A quick comparison is below :
 Advantages of using SIP's (as a base material)
  • Fully Insulated.
  • Structually Strong.
  • Lighter than Timber.
  • Easier to build with.
  • Pre-painted finish.
  • Can be also clad or painted with your color choices.
  • DIY-ers need far less skills.
  • Very cost effective.
  • Pre-painted interior (no need to re-paint unless you choose to)
  • And of course NO framing required.
 Disadvantages of using Timber (as a base material)
  • Heavy
  • Prone to warp and movement.
  • Timber fixing is Not very strong while towing.
  • High maintenance.
  • Heavier to work with.
  • Longer build times.
  • Labor intensive.
  • Prone to expansion and contraction.
  • More expensive.
  • DIY-ers need more skills.
  • Still requires full Insulation.
  • Still requires full lining.
  • still requires full cladding.
  • If you choose you can dress finish the SIP's shell, using any timber cladding, hardi flex or simillar cladding, or colorbond roofing can be fixed straight over it without any extra preparation.
  • Internal feature walls or dress lining can be done in exactly the same manner.

No matter what building materials you prefer,
Off the Grid in Oz can do it :- )

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