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Published by admin on 09-Jul-2018 19:50 (494 reads)

This topic does come up over and over and I tend to steer clear of it for reasons that may or may not make sense to some ....

When it comes to do with so many home made or self sufficient things we can do , and hey me and Kerri do heaps of them lololol

One thing seems never to get mentioned that really does come into play with home made bio gas ...

Many seem to compare home bio gas set ups with some of the more commercial operations like farm and dairies ect ect ..... But , something that does not get mentioned is the economics behind home bio gas ?

By economics I mean , commercial operations not only make large quantities , but the spend a ton of money on gear to deal with it and store it in and under pressure for use with all manner of things that can run on it that not only use large quantities , but more so need the pressurized type of supply that most home set ups will not achieve very easily ? ...

Now many will say that is a rather negative way to think Steve , but I am not being negative , just rational .... I would need to write a small book to explain my take on this but I will attempt to keep it short ...

Most home bio gas set ups or units are pretty low cost to set up and only make small quantities of gas for use in low pressure type appliances like gas hot plates or burners and that is fine ....

Ok , if we are talking about gas hot plates only here for a minute ...
A gas hot plate or burner will use with average use 1 large bottle of LPG per year if that is all you run on it ... 2 BUCKS A WEEK Most home bio gas units or set ups will take at least 1 hour per day to monitor and feed at least 7 hours per week ? So our 7 hours per week if only supplying a low pressure burner or hot plate is saving up 2 bucks per week and costing 7 hours of time ? I figure that as a division of cost is around 30 cents per hour for our labor ??

My point is , if your time is worth 30 cents per hour after set up costs , well go for it ... and that is if you have easy access to large amounts of bio fuel for it on top ? .... It is all to easy to say KUMBYA I make a rather pathetic amount of my own gas that costs me more than it would cost these days atm to just grab a bottle to run that hot plate ....

THE ECONOMICS JUST ARE NOT THERE for domestic bio gas and it chits me to see people thinking down this road without a good idea of any worth while end result ....

As I said for commercial use , if they have 50 grand to put in a wizz bang unit that not only makes good amounts of gas , but also stores it under pressure for paying jobs like running machinery or ovens ect that need pressurized gas , that is one thing , but busting a gut doing a home made low pressure unit is a nice hobby , but IMO a total waste of time if you can just bang a 2 dollar a week bottle in and use your time else where more productively , considering all the other things that have to be done living off grid completely and growing our own food ...

Sounds like I just bagged the idea , but not so , I just put up some in brief sound logic based on my knowledge of this and some home grown economics for people to at least give some though to it before ripping off the clothes to run around the fire singing KUMBUA , PLUS probably giving up there job to achieve the free time to do this ?? all to save a 2 0r 3 bucks a week ?

If anyone wants to argue the " what if we have not got 2 0r 3 bucks a week to buy gas ? well then I would say your problems , where ever or how ever you are living a far larger than what a home bio gas unit will save you from ...

cheers Steve

Here is a couple of videos that we found on Biogas that you can watch on youtube

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