A little about us and your weekend stay .

/CoffeeShop/bridgeresized.JPGOur names are Kerri and Steve and we have been living totally Off the Grid in the Central Goldfields area of Central Victoria, Australia since 2008. We are about 2 hours from Melbourne and about 45 minutes to both Ballarat and Bendigo.

We live a simple, self reliant, and self sufficient lifestyle. We hope to share our experiences and knowledge of how we live.

Being off the grid, means not being attached to any services that most people take for granted. We are not attached to the Electricity grid, the water or sewerage grid, and we don't even have a rubbish pick up or mail delivery.
We have solar power; rain water tanks; composting toilets and mobile telephones. We like to grow our own fruit and veges; keep chooks; and preserve and store food. We also believe in Preparing for Hard Times.
We have built our new property in a very unique way, and not only was it economical but it is environmentally friendly.
We will provide Saturday evening dinner and drinks that are home prepared from healthy ingredients, many of which come direct from our garden and chook shed. A few snacks, plus Sunday morning breakfast .

Come and see how we have our solar set up with both 240v and 12v systems.  Check out our rain water systems and our gardens, where we are growing in hydroponic, wicking beds and guerilla buckets.

You will love this weekend away. These weekends are perfect for the couple or single person to get away from the hustle and bustle of the citylife and relax in the Central Victorian Highlands.
If you have a gold detector this is also an opportunity to search out your fortune in the local area as we live in the Golden Triangle of the Central Goldfields.

The cost for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is just $250.00 for a couple and $200.00 for a single, which includes Accommodation in our Tiny House, Dinner on Saturday, Drinks and Breakfast on Sunday. Sorry, we do not cater for children because this is meant to be a learning and relaxing weekend stay.
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so that you can get to know more about Off the Grid in Oz.
Off The grid in OZ is a registered business :  ABN  : 68518220980