Off The Grid and healthy eating and pizza
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Published by admin on 12-Dec-2017 11:10
Off The Grid and healthy eating and pizza !! yes you can scarp distilled water if you follow it up with healthy pizza !! A quick look at our Sat night pizza dinner lolol :- )

The recipe 500gms good bread flour 1 pkt of yeastn (7g) 1 tsp caster sugar 300ml water 3 tsp olive oil plus extra olive oil for greasing 15g fine sea salt 1 heaped tblsp turmeric 1 tblsp black pepper 1 tblsp mixed herbs (basil, oregano, thyme) mix all the above together and knead well for 20minutes. Cover with olive oil and then let sit to prove for a few hours in a warm spot and covered.\ Toppings tomato paste and 1 heaped tblsp minced garlic spread on base. lettuce, spinach and bok choy chopped finely and mixed with fresh eggs. bacon, red onion, capsicum, jalapenos, anchovies, spread over top. a mixture of mozzarella, tasty and Parmesan cheese spread over top. cook until ready and then eat it up. yum yum yum Remember this pizza has so many ingredients that are good for you. No need to feel guilty. :)