Budget your Money
Category : Simple Living
Published by admin on 10-Dec-2017 15:40
Writing down your budget at the start of the year helps you to know how much money you have and also where it needs to go.
A budget can help you save for big bills; gifts and necessities.

To start, write down what your expected yearly income is and divide by 52 weeks to show what your weekly income is. I always find that working it out per week helps me keep on track.

Then write down all the expenses you have over the year. These will be any regular bills you have, eg Rates, Car Registrations, Telephone, Internet, Water, Gas, Mortgage, Rent, Insurance Policies, school fees, etc. Add these up and then divide over 52 weeks. That will show you how much per week you will need to cover those bills. Deduct this figure from the income figure you first worked out. This figure is how much you have left per week.

Now, write down all your other usual costs, such as weekly petrol, groceries, medications, clothes, shoes, etc. You could also include here estimates for property maintenance. Make sure you work it out for 12 months and then divide by 52 weeks. Deduct this amount from the last subtotal. This figure is how much you now have left per week.

Now write down how much you think you will need to buy gifts for the year. Again do this for a 12 month period and then divide it into 52 weeks and deduct from the previous sub total.

Now write down an estimate of projects that you have planned and do the same thing, work out how much per week will they cost.

The above is pretty much how you figure out not only where your money goes but when. By figuring it all out you will know how much you need to set aside each week to pay for most of the things in your life.

Now you will notice that I added a lot of the things that most people who don't live our lifestyle will need to account for. Our Off the Grid in Lifestyle is different. We don't need to account for the electricity or water bills for example, nor do we choose to pay insurance policies or landline telephones. We also do not go to the doctor to get prescriptions (unless we feel like we have no other choice on the rare occasion) because we choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our budget will include