Off the Grid Poem
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Published by admin on 09-Dec-2017 14:00
A great poet is David L Hume, who lives in Tasmania. He is an amazing man who not only lives Off the Grid in Oz, so harvests his own power and water, he also extends his skills to making goats milk cheese, harvesting his own meat and creating beautiful hide rugs.

Here is one of his poems. I'm sure you will all love it as much as we do :)

Off the grid
I know my home intimately
My children too.
The land that nourishes
lives in the cracks of my skin.
I am warmed from the wood
I have gathered and split.

Off the grid
I stand and fall
on my own ability.
Eat seasonally from my garden.
My meat lives in the paddock.
The rug beneath your feet
gave sustenance also.

Off the grid
My power comes from the sun.
My need for shallow consumption controlled.
I draw my water from the creek
And like its youthful flow
My spirit runs and soars

Off the grid?
People ask
"Yes we are"
"I wish one day,
but it's so difficult."
They say.

Yes it is difficult
to turn your back on the soulless crowd,
the well trod path,
the nine to five and more.
Difficult to trust yourself,
Difficult to find the courage
To find your way.

D L Hume 2nd Quarter 2017