First things First
Category : Simple Living
Published by admin on 07-Dec-2017 17:10
In my last article I introduced to you how to start your Simple Lifestyle by dreaming about it. Now we are going to get into the nitty gritties.

It's a new year and we are going to work on all the areas of our life over the next twelve months. Are you with me?

At the start of the new year, it is always a good idea to prepare for the upcoming year by organising yourself, your home and your time.

Calendars and Diaries
Get out your calendar and diary and mark everything of importance on it. Birthdays, Anniversaries, School and Work Holidays, every event that you know of and are planning to participate in. If you have children, add all their activities as well, including their camps, pupil free days, vaccinations, dentist visits, sporting schedules etc. If you have pets add their vet appointments as well and include their flea treatments etc.

Personal Home Folder

The next thing we need to do is create a Personal Home Folder. Believe me, with all the new tasks you are going to be doing to fulfill your new life, you will need to have everything organised and in one spot. I have found that if I don't manage this well, then I will tend to forget some of the wonderful ideas I wanted to put in place.

Your new folder will have a printout of your completed calendar in the front. This will stay as a reminder to you to keep on track. It will also have a statement about what your life is going to look like by the end of the year and also your five year view. As part of this, a 'mood board' maybe in the kitchen or above your computer where you can put up pictures of your ideal garden or ideal pantry or whatever inspires you to achieve your goal.

Make a list of all your Contacts, including friends, family, doctor, school, work, tradesmen, etc and pop it in your folder.

Create a section for your Health information. List any medications and information about them. List information about support groups or other details. Write down your exercise regime, if you like. Especially if you are planning on making this a part of your new lifestyle. Basically this section is anything you feel is relevant to your health needs.

The Food section will hold your menu plans; recipes; lists of seasonal fruit and vegetables suppliers in your area; a Table of volume, weight and temperature conversions; details of places you shop regularly whether online or not; and perhaps the grocery store specials fliers.

The budgeting section is next and it is very important. Firstly put in the last regular bill so that you can compare it to the next one that comes in. These will include Property Rates, Car Registration, Water, Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Internet, and whatever else you pay now. This section is also a good spot to put all your new project estimates and plans.

The Cleaning section of your Personal Home Folder will have all your recipes for natural household cleaning products, cleaning checklist and special washing instructions for clothes or other items.

A Craft Section is always a good idea. It becomes the place to pop those knitting, crocheting, sewing or other craft patterns that you are going to be doing. You could also add details of local craft groups and your favourite online craft stores.

An Inventory of all your indoor and outdoor items of value including the manuals, warranties and receipts is always a handy section in your folder.

A list of gifts you will need over the coming year, plus a list of ideas and what you already have on hand is a good

The Garden section, in your folder will include plan for your garden; a seasonal guide for your area; a list of the plants you want to grow and when; a list of online or offline stores that you like to buy your seeds, plants, potting mixes, compost, soil, nutrients, etc etc; a rainfall record; an inventory of the plants already in the garden; and a record of your harvests.

The last section I suggest you have in your folder is for your Pets and Livestock. Include things like contact numbers for the local vet; food suppliers; Pet food recipes; and any other information you need or may want to look at.

Your Personal Home Folder will develop over time and you will be amazed at how often you use it. Everybody will no doubt have a different looking one because we all have different things we feel are important. Don't be a slave to your folder, but if you look at it and remember to use it you will find that you will be more organised and this is one of the first things to achieve if you want to live simply.

The next article in this series will be about Food Planning. I hope you stay with me.....