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Published by admin on 14-Oct-2017 13:10
We like to eat healthy meals and we love our pizza. I always make a large family sized one and a smaller one. That way we always have enough for the next day, or if vistors turn up.

Pizza Dough

500g (3 1/2 cups) Strong Bread Flour
1 sachet (7g yeast
1 tsp Caster Sugar
300ml water
3 tsp Olive Oil (plus extra for greasing)
1 tsp sea salt or rock salt
1 dsp turmeric
1 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp mixed dried herbs (I like basil, oregano and thyme)

Make a well in the flour and place yeast and sugar into it..
Add all other dried ingredients.
Add water and oil
Knead for 10 minutes
Place dough in a lightly oiled bowl and turn to coat.
Let rest for a few hours in a warm drought free place, or in the refrigerator overnight


You will notice that I haven't given exact amounts. Use your own to your taste :)

Tomatoe Paste
Minced Garlic
red onion chopped
capsicum chopped
any finely chopped green leaves you have, for example, spinach, lettuce, silverbeet, green herbs, celery leaves, etc (whatever is growing :))
mozzarella and tasty cheese

To make up pizza

Spread dough onto pizza trays that have been sprayed with olive oil
spread tomatoe paste and garlic
add onion and capsicum
mix greens with beaten eggs and spread over
add other ingredients finishing with the cheese.

Cook in pizza over on medium until cooked. (the large pizza will take about 45 minutes and the small pizza about 30 minutes)

Eat and enjoy.