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Category : Tiny Houses Off the Grid
Published by Kerri on 07-Oct-2017 16:40
My head runs amok when I think of the uses of a building like a tiny house. Many people think they are just for living in for a couple of people permanently. But they are also used as holiday houses, that people put on the country land and visit them on the weekends or stay for their vacation time. It gives them somewhere of their own to stay.

I have heard of people who have put a tiny house in the back yard of their parents beach house because you can never have too much accommodation at your beach house, because there are always loads of people wanting to stay with you.

There are lots of other great uses for them. They are perfect place to put your teenagers in the back yard. Gives them some independence and the parents some peace. I have even heard of people letting their kids pay them off and so they have a head start when it comes time to move out. The kids either take the tiny house with them or they sell them and have a good deposit for their next venture into real estate.

Another good idea is to have a tiny house space in your back yard and use it as an artists studio or craft room. How many of us have hobbies that need more space than just a cupboard in the shed?

What about using a mobile, tiny house on wheels, as a site office. They are much more attractive than a container plonked on site. I think they are perfect for a real estate agent to use when they are first opening up an estate.

Another idea I have is they would be good for travelling businesses. With the loft upstairs that could be used for storage and the downstairs used as an office, meeting room, or therapy room.

Air BnB's are a popular use of the tiny house. People who buy them for this purpose by all accounts are having no problems renting them out.

My favourite use of the tiny house, though, is that they can be moved to where they are needed most. I am thinking here of non profit organisations, or government organisations, using them for transitional housing. There are many people for many reasons, unable to locate affordable rental properties and so, tiny houses on wheels, become an amazingly affordable option.

With the last suggestion, I would like to see the renter, given the option to buy the tiny house if they want to. Again, as with the teenagers buying the tiny house from their parents, so too could most people be able to rent to buy a tiny house.

As I said the reasons are many to think about tiny houses as a real option for a range of purposes. Don't limit yourself, be creative and perhaps make you, or someone else very happy, knowing they have somewhere to stay or buy.