Why include Celery in your diet?
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Published by admin on 06-Aug-2017 14:10
Did you know that eating celery raw is better for you than eating it cooked? Eating it raw is easy, because the taste and the crunch are great when you want something to snack on. And in my opinion, juicing it is an even better way to consume it. But at the end of the day, including celery one way or the other is better than not eating it.

Celery is full of healthy fibre and is a natural diuretic which means it helps to eliminate toxins from your body. And that's why it's a good thing to eat if you would like to lose weight.

Celery is apparently used to treat joint pain ie arthritis and rheumatism, gout, hysteria, nervousness, headache, weight loss due to malnutrition, loss of appetite, and exhaustion. Celery also promotes relaxation and sleep; kills bacteria in the urinary tract; is used as a digestive aid and for regulating bowel movements; starts menstruation; controls intestinal gas (flatulence); increases sexual desire; reduces the flow of breast milk; treats menstrual discomfort; and is a blood purifer. It is also thought that the chemicals in celery act to cause sleepiness, increase urine to decrease fluid retention, decrease blood pressure, decrease blood sugar, decrease blood clotting, and can help with muscle relaxation.

I've found that celery grows best for me in dutch buckets. This is a hydroponic system whereby I get a large plastic bucket with a lid. Cut out a hole big enough to take a net cup. Fill the bucket with nutrient enriched water up to about 3 inches from the top. Pop a celery plant in the net cup and then the net cup into the hole. Make sure the roots are hitting the water and hey presto, the celery will grow really well, because they love water and with this method they get as much as they want and you can do this all year round which makes celery just a pleasure to have in the garden.

With all these reasons, why wouldn't you have some celery every day?

Something else I've been researching is that celery extract may be used as a topical for insect repelling. When thinking I may create some I thought of all the different ways I could try to extract the essences. I could use the seeds and distill them; I could use the seeds and create a tincture, or a vinegar, or an oil. Or I could create a celery tea. Of all of them, the most cost effective and least time consuming way is to make a tea. This could then put in a spray bottle and sprayed over yourself. I may have a go at something like this in the summer, when the mossies are out!

Remember that everything in moderation is a good thing and overdoing anything including celery is not recommended. Some people can have adverse effects to celery. It may be rare but it can happen. For those of us that can enjoy celery then I say eat and drink up. You will feel better for having done it.

Here is a video I found on youtube about celery. I love this youtube channel and thought you might be interested in it.