Category : Our Philosphies and Lifestyle Choices
Published by admin on 01-May-2017 18:00
It really is amazing what a sense of empowerment you can get when you live off the grid. I cannot emphasise enough just how much more fulfilling my life is since I decided to stop living life like other people expect me to.

Yes I have spent two thirds of my life conforming to all the societal norms and during those years, I pretty much lived in fear of what other people thought, and of the system outside the gate. Today I choose to live life like it actually matters. To live the way I choose.

Living off the grid demands that I participate in my own survival, which suits me down to the ground. If I don't participate in the day to day life chores, then I will suffer, therefore I do participate and I feel so much better for it.

For instance today was toilet bucket emptying day! It took me all of five minutes. 20 years ago, I would have point blank refused to live somewhere that only had composting toilets, today, I have no problems with them in the least.

I also fed and watered the ducks and chooks and collected the one and only egg they chose to share with me today. I planted some strawberries, and am just waiting for Steve to finish a couple more wicking beds so that I can plant out the onion seedlings.

I also started a couple of tinctures with some herbs that finally arrived. I am making a mullien and passionflower tincture today. These will be ready in about 6 weeks time and will add to my medicine store.

Next job is to create our dinner which will be based around a bottle of tomatoe/vegetable sauce that I made a few weeks ago using our bottlling outfit.

All these things are not just fun, but they mean I am participating in my own survival and all achieved while not being connected to any corporation.

Life just doesn't get any better! And I feel so empowered.