Eternal Planners
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Published by admin on 01-Feb-2017 14:17
Who are the eternal planners? The ones that say to you that they have an idea and they are going to implement it once they have the money or the time or whatever other rescource they think is missing. Most of these people never actually live that dream. It is put off and put off and then put off again for whatever reason.

The only way a dream comes true, is to make it happen.

Lots of people say to me, yes I want your lifestyle. I want to live off the grid, grow my own food and not worry if the water supply people turn off the water. They say they are working towards this outcome by researching or trying to put enough money away so they can buy it.

Okay, so how long do you research before you jump? And realistically how long would it take to save enough money to get the end result?

We only get one life. My advice to people is always the same. You need to live every day of your life and not waste these days with just dreaming. If you are not satisfied with your choice of lifestyle, then change it TODAY. Do anything that fits into your dream, but do it today.

If growing your own food down the track is part of your dream, but you feel you can't do it unless you own acres of land so you can't do anything about it yet. That's the wrong way of achieving your dream. The right way would be to start. Even if its going to the shop and buying a tomatoe plant in a pot. Take the pot home and nurture your tomatoe plant and you will be rewarded by yummy fresh tomatoes eventually. Part of your dream is achieved.

If having a pantry stocked with food to last through hard times is your dream, but you don't feel that you can afford to do this YET. Think again. You can achieve this dream easier than you may imagine. Just start today. Go to the shop and buy some canned vegetables or some rice or some toilet paper and tell yourself that you now have started your preppers pantry, because you have.

That's how a goal is achieved. It starts with the very first step. Each step taken moves you forward. After a while the steps become easier and easier and you get into the rhythm and eventually your dream comes true. You are living the life you want.

Eternal planning is nice but fulfilling your dreams is what makes you happy. So start today.