Take Control
Category : Our Philosphies and Lifestyle Choices
Published by admin on 31-Jan-2017 16:29
Living off the grid means taking control of your own life. We come across a lot of people who think that living off the grid is somehow akin to living in the stone age. There are many people living off the grid and from what I've seen do it really rough with little infrastructure. That is not our idea of living off the grid. Nor is it the way so many of us off gridders do it. There are more and more people choosing this type of life style and are doing it with all the modern necessities of life.

We live in a very comfortable house with enough power to do anything we want, within reason. We have internet connected to our computers, mobile phones and tvs. We have electric refrigerators. We have gas hot water systems. We have wood burning stoves and heaters, which is not that unusual!

I know the authorities would rather see everyone connected to the grid so that they can have control of us and make money from us, but we choose to not want to be under anyone's control as far as we can.

So if you are thinking of moving to a lifestyle that is 'freer' in many senses of that word then go off grid. But do it with the realisation that you will get out only what you put in. If you are not willing to understand that or not willing to put the work in, then stay connected to the system.

We do everything for ourselves as far as is possible. We are self reliant. We are responsible for how our life is going to turn out. We plan for the future with the idea that we will have to look after ourselves, so we put the infrastructure in place that will allow us to do that within the means we have. We will not rely on others to supply us with the means to survive.

We harvest our own power, water, heat, and vegetables. We cook food from scratch and we even make our own alcohol.

We love our life. We are moving away from the system as much as is possible and this allows us so much more freedom than is possible for people who live on the grid who are hooked up with electricity, water, sewerage, gas and telephone lines and the bills that create the need to be employed full time with little likelihood of having a life style that is satisfying, rewarding and fun. We take control!