Off the Grid in Oz and growing food in hydroponic 100 mm Guerilla pipes !
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Published by admin on 08-Apr-2018 11:50
Off the Grid in Oz and growing food in hydroponic 100 mm Guerilla pipes !

No retic , no power needed , little effort , just greens and herbs ect ect to whack a smile on your dial :- )

So you live in a rather harsh climate ? or a region that is hell bent on causing your hard effort to wind up dusted and dead ?

Well maybe what Kerri and myself have learned from years of fighting against a harsh climate and regions may inspire you to take a different approach ? like we have ....

We have thrown a heap of cash over many years using near every way known to man to allow us to have greens all year round without near dying ourselves in the process ...

Growing naturally has its advantages , but if you are in area that is just too hard ? well maybe this vid might help you ?

We manage to have great greens and herbs growing near all year round these days and it was a long and some what expensive

learning experience over years, I kid you not , but these days and for a few years now we have finally got a system that ensures we

do not suffer the heart ache or watching your efforts just shrivel up an die !! in the heat , or from lack of water ?

This has as I said been a learning curve that we now , safely can recommend to others in harsher regions of OZ like ourselves ...

Hope you take the time to watch the vid , it explains quite few things as to why we chose to go this way and the infrastructure cost to achieve this success , so you might yourself be able to eat well without all the pain ? ..

Hope we help some of you guys that do battle with harsh regions gardening ..

Our UTube version is up ( link below )

... as we say over and over , hope your day was a good one , hope your plans are coming to fruition and you are thinking positive ....

You can grow greens and many other food plants in the worst or conditions if you choose to think out side the box ?

cheers Steve and Kerri :- )