Gummy Bears The Healthy Way
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Published by admin on 07-Mar-2018 21:30
I have been working on perfecting my healthy lollies lol. I bought the gummy bear molds to make sure they looked the part. ::)

The recipe is now chockers full of the good stuff. These ones are made with a pineapple shrub and a plum shrub so they are all good plus with the gelatin they are extra good. I used the shrub neat but the flavors are still not as intense as I want them so still working on that.:)

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The shrubs have fruit juice and apple cider vinegar which are great but I was looking for a yummo way to incorporate the gelatin as a bonus and they are great.

The reason why we should all get more gelatin in our diets is because it
1. Improves skin health
2. Provides protein
3. Aids digestion
4. Eases joint pain
5. Helps control blood sugar
6. Maintains healthy bones
7. Improves sleep quality
8. Can aid weight loss

There are heaps more benefits but you get the gist. Try making some for you and your family. We all need to look after our health in the most natural ways and food is the best medicine in my opinion