Category : Money Off the Grid
Published by admin on 08-Feb-2018 13:30

Aiming to live a simple life and to be self reliant means taking control of as many things as you possibly can. One of the big stressors in our lives that we want to reduce is our money worries. How often do we spend what we have on seemingly 'essentials' every week and then find ourselves short when the rates or the car registration comes due, or birthday presents are required and we haven't quite got enough money to buy something speccial.

Creating a budget can be daunting to many of us but once you get your head around it, you will find that you not only know what your income and expenditures really are, but you will know what you will be able to do, or not do with your money.

Once you are determined to be self reliant, you will begin to understand the responsibility for your finances is yours. You have then started to take control and you will feel a weight lifting from your shoulders.

Where you spend your money becomes an art form when your aim is simple living. By this I mean, I would rather not support the big corporations if I can avoid it, which is obviously easier said than done, so I try to buy locally as many things as I can. Fresh fruit and vegetables is a good example here. If I can't grow it myself then I prefer to buy or barter with friends, or from local producers. If I can't buy within driving distance, then I will buy online from other Australian's if they have what I want at the right price.

There are so many ways that we can save money so that we have enough to do everything we want to do. Growing as much food as possible for yourself, so that you have fresh fruit and vegetables to eat every day is great. But growing your own food that can also be preserved to fill your pantry is not only cost effective its also fun and very rewarding.

Cooking from scratch can be an enormous cost saving. Plus it becomes a major part of your simple living lifestyle. You can become very creative and at the same time help your health.

As I said where you spend can become an art form, in that the challenge to yourself is be as resourceful as possible. Buying second hand is a great way to help not just the environment, by saving things being put into landfill, but it helps the person you are buying from and at the end of the day what does it matter if it has been pre loved. I often enjoy trips to op shops, local markets and garage sales. And living simply means shaking off that 'keeping up with the Jones' thinking.

When you do want to buy Brand new, the challenge is to research the item thoroughly so you can find the best price and the best option. Remember just because its cheaper doesn't mean it is the best choice. Sometimes you need to get better quality and spend a bit more if it is for an item that you don't want to replace in a hurry.

I have touched on just a few reasons why creating a household budget is a necessary part of our simple living lifestyle, this topic can be a book in itself. So start today. Take out some paper and a pen, write down what your income is; write down where you currently spend your money; then sit back and look at it. You may be surprised to find that there are simple ways to rework it and not just save yourself some money, but live a better life where you can feel more in control and be more self reliant.