Organising and Decluttering
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Published by admin on 08-Feb-2018 13:30
The art of Simple living starts with organising and decluttering your life.

Most of us have problems with feeling overwhelmed by what is going on our lives for whatever reasons.

If you can start with first things first and that is to get rid of some of stuff that is cluttering up your house and your mind.

Have a look around your house. Is there jobs that you need to get out of the way so you can feel comfortable? I know that my house, although seemingly tidy still has places that need to be better organised because I have trouble finding stuff. For instance, my walk in wardrobe is pretty big, but it gradually gets used to store things that don't really belong in there. So I need to reorganise it and by so doing start culling unused or unwanted clothes.

My shed is also in a state of chaos which makes it is hard for me to get things from there when I want them. It also needs cleaning up and decluttering. A trip to op shops, the tip, or even a garage sale could be in order.

Another area of clutter is my head. I have a million projects I want to have a go at; a million things I have to get done in a week; a million dates I need to remember etc. I need to organise all these things in my head so I am going to use this new system (for me) the diary and the folder.

The diary is the place I am writing down all the dates I have to remember such as birthdays, appointments, bill due dates, etc. Plus it is where I will make my daily lists of things I need to get done.

When you are filling in your diary remember to include school holidays or other holidays like Australia day in case you want to organise for these times in advance. If you have children write down all their sporting commitments, vaccinations, school excursions etc.

Other good things to write in the diary are your pets vet appointments, flea and worm treatments etc.

Get into the habit of writing everything in the diary and then get in the habit of looking at it at least for the week and month ahead so you aren't caught off guard.

Make your diary one of your best friends. It will simplify your life if you use it well.

The folder is going to be my go to reference library. This is where I am going to store things like receipts; recipes that I come across and want to try; or recipes that I use all the time; notes on projects that I want to get done for instance patterns or pictures that I would like to copy as a painting.

The other thing the folder is going to be used for is gift ideas. As we have all the birthdays listed in the diary and we know they will need gifts, but it isn't the best idea to find that you open your diary once in a while and find that there is a birthday next week and you haven't organised a present.

If we can make our own gifts they are not only cheaper in a lot of instances, but they are more personalised and therefore better received. But these gifts take some time and effort to create. So write down all the birthdays of the different people and some ideas of what they like, for instance, one of my grandchildren loves everything dragon and a daughter likes natural products with essential oils and another grandson who is a mad keen Richmond supporter. In order to give them good presents then I have to think ahead.

Using the examples above I need to come up with ideas about dragons and what could I give that I have made or found in time for her birthday. Unfortunately her birthday was 28th January so I wasn't well organised and had to buy her a present on eBay and get it to her.

The essential oil gift is needed for March so I need to start thinking about what that will be. It could be a handmade deodorant; or a diffuser; or some lovely smelling home made soap.

The Richmond supporter gift could be a new scarf. Now, the date I need to have it made for is January, so as I wasn't as well organised as I should have been he didn't get that this year, but I could work on it this year to make sure he can have it next birthday.

As you can see getting organised with gift giving to make sure you can do it frugally and in time without going into stress mode is a really good idea.

Keeping all the gift ideas in one place is a good idea. You could have a list of gifts you already have in the cupboard as well, just in case something comes up unexpectedly, which happens from time to time.

Having somewhere to put things like the patterns or other project ideas is a great idea because I'm always coming across these things but because I don't save them or save them in a place that I can remember where I put them has meant that I don't do them and that's a shame.

The folder is not just a place for inspiration and notes it is also the place to keep lists such as your contact list. Yes this will be in your phone but what if something happens to your phone. Make sure you have all your most important phone numbers written down in your folder. Include your family, your doctor, your vet, the tradesmen you use, or any other phone number that you may need.

The folder is also a good place to keep health records such as vaccination records and schedules; medication information; information about any health issues; your health insurance information etc. Maybe even your prescriptions so you know where they are.

Another good idea for the folder is to keep menu plans, recipes, seasonal fruit and vegetable list; table of volume, weight and temperature conversions; current grocery special fliers; details of any online shopping accounts; contact details of any farmers markets; bulk food stores etc.

Keep your budget in your folder along with the water, gas, electricity, phone, internet bills; Council rates notices; cost estimates and plans for projects that you have on the go.

In the folder is where you can store all the cleaning notes, for instance, the recipes for cleaning products; special washing instructions for clothes; and your spring cleaning checklist.

In the craft section of your folder put the patterns; a list of knitting abbreviations; details of craft classes; and details of any online craft sites that you particularly like.

Keep manuals, warranties and new appliance receipts in one section.

Another plan for the folder is to keep inventories of items you have in your house. This can be used for insurance purposes. Include household goods and furniture, crockery, cutler, glassware, blankets, doonas, sheets, appliances,ie fridges, tvs, computers, etc; outdoor equipment such as mowers and tools; outdoor furniture; sports equipment; clothes, jewellery etc. These lists can be made as you go through and tidy and declutter your house. They don't have to be done in one day, just work on them over the year.

Keep school and after school information in the folder. Newsletters; reports; term dates; extracurricular activities; receipts for fees; invitations etc.

In the garden section keep a drawing of your garden plan; seasonal planting guide; ideas for next season; moon planting calendar; seed, fruit, vegetable plant catalogues; records of planting; rainfall, yields; mower maintenance etc.

Dont forget your pets, they need a section too. Vet and food supply contacts; vaccination, flea, worm treatments etc; recipes for pet food; records of yields such as eggs from the chooks etc.

As you can see it will take a little while to set up your folder but don't stress, this will become easier in time and it is a way to keep yourself focused.