Please share your recipes.
Category : Off the Grid in Oz Members Recipes
Published by admin on 06-Jan-2018 18:20
We would love everyone in our Off the Grid in Oz to feel free to share their favourite recipes.

This is a way to keep these amazing dishes in one place and will help everyone.

It's very easy to do.

1. Register and log in the box in the left block.
2. Submit a recipe by clicking on 'articles' which is located in the left hand menu at the top.
3. click on 'submit an article'
4. click on 'articles category' and scroll down to 'Off the Grid in Oz Members Recipes'
5. give your recipe a title
6 don't worry about the url
7 write a brief summary of what the recipe is
8. write out your recipe
9 don't worry about all the stuff that you can change, just leave it on the settings that are already set. the posters name by choosing your name in the drop down box.
11. hit 'create' and it's off and running.

Easy Peasy. Give it a try. :)