Cooking with Citrus Leaves
Category : Cooking off the Grid
Published by admin on 06-Jan-2018 11:30
Do you have a citrus tree growing in your garden? Do you make the most of it?

Most people who own a citrus tree, don't usually make the most of it as all they ever use is the fruit. Well why not use the leaves?

You can use the leaves to wrap meat in when roasting.
Try adding a leaf or two to a dish that would benefit by a citrus undertone.
Make a cup of tea.

When using the leaves, make sure they are coming from a tree that hasn't been treated with any chemicals and choose the oldest leaves because they have the most essential oil in them.

Citrus leaves don't really lend themselves to being dried, before use, as they can become bitter, but the fresh leaves are great and they are available all year round.

If you want to add a citrusy flavour to your cooking all you need do is put a couple in while cooking and just remove before serving, just as you do with bay leaves.

To make a cup of tea or to add the citrus flavour to your other herbal teas, shred one or two or tear them into small pieces and steep for about 5 minutes. You can strain them out or put them into your own teabags.You can add sweeteners if you want.

There are also many health benefits of citrus leaves. They have been used as herbal medicine for a long time. The tea is said to be a good nerve tonic and can help with high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, colds, asthma, digestion, scurvy, constipation, bronchial and respiratory conditions and also used as a mild sedative.

Citrus leaves contains Vitamin C as well as flavonoids which makes it a good medicinal herb to treat various diseases like heart diseases and cancer.

Some people will chew the leaves to prevent nausea or to help an upset stomach and vomiting.

As you can see Citrus trees have way more uses than just using the fruit. My next project will be to make citrus leaf vinegar. I'll let you know how that works out. :)