Fermenting Basic Recipes
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Published by admin on 02-Jan-2018 20:50

Whey is the liquid that you get from draining your yoghurt.

It's very easy to do.
Just take a cloth (I use chux) and place it in a strainer.
Place the strainer over a jug.
Pour the yoghurt into the cloth and wrap the cloth so the yoghurt is covered.
Place all the above into the fridge and leave for about 24 hours.
The whey can now be stored in the fridge for a couple of months if you haven't used it.
The yoghurt is now a soft cream cheese that you can do a lot of things with. My favourite is to salt it and add garlic and sweet chilli sauce.
Roll it into balls and then pop them into a jar with some chilli flakes. Cover them with olive oil and they can be stored in the fridge.
They are great with dried biscuits for a snack.


Shrubs are like a probiotic cordial. They are super healthy for you and very delicious. They are really easy to make.

Just add equal amounts of crushed fresh fruit, sugar and apple cider vinegar (or other home made fruit vinegar).
Sit in a warmish spot for 3 days, shaking it every time you look at it.
After 3 days, strain the fruit out and bottle it and pop in the fridge.
You drink it the same as cordial, just add it to water, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Probiotic Cordial

This is the Lemon recipe, but you can substitute any fruit juice

Juice of three lemons and put that in a jar with about 1/4 cup whey and 1/4 cup sugar and filled it up to the shoulder with water (rain water).
Leave it for a few days, shaking it occasionally.

The best cordial I have ever made. If you mix it with sparkling water it would be just like lemonade. :) It is packed with probiotics which are great for your system. This would be great to give the kids a drink per day. They won't even know they are drinking up their medicine, lol.


This is super easy.

I use cabbage, carrot, chilli, garlic celery, and whatever else I feel like at the time.
Shred the cabbage, julienne the carrot. chop the chilli, garlic and celery into small pieces.
Place all into a bowl and add sea salt.
Massage the vegetables until the water is released. This may take up to 20 minutes.
Place all into a jar and top up with water.
Place an unshredded cabbage leaf on top to act as a weight to keep the vegetables under the water.
Put the lid on and leave it in a warmish spot (on top of the fridge works well).
Burp the jar every couple of days.
After one week, place into the fridge to stop the fermentation process.


Vinegar is another very easy thing to make

Most people like apple cider vinegar all you need is a large jar.
Fill the jar loosely with apple peelings and cores to at least half.
Add a tablespoon of sugar and fill jar with water to the shoulder of the jar.
Place a cloth over the opening and fix with a rubber band.
Place in a dark cook space for about 4 weeks.
Strain the vinegar and bottle.