Off the Grid and good food and salad
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Published by admin on 17-Dec-2017 13:30
Off the Grid and good food ..... making salad

One pot wonders made from Salad in summer ...

A meal made easily with many food components that do not cost a heap , and will not friggin kill you :- )
Another 8 minutes of your life and bandwidth that you will never ever get back .... bought to you by Steve and Kerri from Off the Grid in OZ .com :- ) Kerri will put the details below if you ever want to run up your own , quick and easy to get together, economical healthy meal in summer ...

The ingredients are in any quantity you like and include:

About 5 potatoes

About 3 onions onions ( 2 white and at least one red )

Carrot ( just one big one )

Capsicum ( a half a red one )

Boiled eggs ( as many as you have or 5 minimum )

Greens from the garden ( big hand full )

Mayonaise ( 2 or three globs of home made or store bought )

Sweet chilli sauce ( one or two globs )

Black pepper ( as many sprinkles as you can handle )

Sea salt ( we are human batteries ) ( so as much as you like to taste without worry )

Minced garlic ( a few globs of home crushed or store bought