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Cheers Kerri and Neen

Welcome to Kezzeens Kreations

I have been playing around with creating potions for a healthy life for about 40 years and have learnt a lot about what is good for us. I have been asked many times why don't I sell my products? Well now I do.

My daughter, Neen, a beautiful woman, both inside and out, and now a mother of 4 delightful children herself, is now following in my footsteps. Together we are now offering our natural homemade products for other people to share their benefits.

I am located in Central Victoria and Neen lives in Darwin.

We are not a large company. We make our products by hand in our own homes and use only the best ingredients. We create with organic, raw and natural stuff. We do not mass produce and the products may change as to whatever we have available at any given time. You can ask us to make something for you if you like.

We are Doterra Wellness Advocates and not only use their oils to help us in our daily lives, but we include them in our products. If you would like to know how to buy your Doterra Essential Oils at wholesale prices, please talk to us.

We welcome you to our new venture and hope that you find something that you would like to try.



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Relax with these all natural, Magnesium Bath Bombs.
Freshen up your pillows, sheets, towels, laundry, bathroom rugs, etc using our Natural Linen Spray!
A Natural Body Spray that has no nasties. (250ml)
Try this awesome spray everywhere around your home. It can help to Remove Odors and Kill Airborne Bacteria and Viruses.

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Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) Leaf 50g
Pure Australian Beeswax for you to make your own natural balms and creams
Freshen up your pillows, sheets, towels, laundry, bathroom rugs, etc using our Natural Linen Spray!